Fit Body Boot Camp Burlingame Fitness Training 2/22/16: Challenges Day 1 & 46- 6 Station Rotation

Past workout video:

4 Phase Warm-Up:

Phase 1: Supine Double Knee to Chest Breathing

Perform 1-2 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing while in supine double knee to chest position.  Initiate breathing with belly (feel it press into thighs) >rib cage and then chest, instead of initiating with chest. This is an easy way to teach people diaphragmatic breathing. Breathe in and out of nose for approximately 10s each breath (5s inhale (belly rises) > 5s hold > 5s exhale). As they continue to breathe and relax they should feel their knees going closer to the chest. Do daily work on breathing before eating, if stressed, depressed, in the car etc. given it is our number one need. We can change our physiological state in seconds via breathing. If we master breathing, we can enjoy life at its fullest. Inverted or chest breathing sympathetic dominance (flight/fight response) > digestive complaints, neck issues, TMJ, grinding of teeth, anxiety, scarcity, belly fat and more.

Phase 2:  Stationary Foundation Mobility Training or Moving Dynamic Warm-up (5 Min) Incorporate movements similar or the same as the workouts below Explain the need to be in good posture for optimal breathing efficiency, strength, endurance, balance, etc. and to reduce potential injuries. With each movement incorporate breathing and make the movements flow.  If there are tight areas focus on those areas and continue to breathe. Breathe with each movement.

Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 30s work time, 5s rest for 6 sets

Phase 3: Core is mixed into ARM.

Phase 4: 5 Minute Burpee Challenge

*Challenge campers to get as many burpees (hit chest to ground) as possible in 5 min. Tell them to keep track of their numbers before they start. *Make sure they keep core tight. Modify movement as needed. Tell those who modify to get to the ground any way they can and no worries about time. Even if they go super slow it’s okay. A great modification is to have them get to the ground and stand up in a lunge position. Alt. the lead leg in lunge with this modification. Remind them that this is the most important skill they need to do to keep their independence. As we age the biggest problem or limitation is getting off the ground. *Have them record number at home and to post on Facebook page if they want to share.

Educate the groups about Spartan Norms:

  • 80+ Burpees: Bad Ass
  • 65+ Burpees: Beast
  • 50+ Burpees: Super
  • Under 50+ Burpees:  Need more burpees  🙂

*Review WOD and organize groups during Phase 2 and after burpees challenge…they will need a rest. After review boot campers immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

Phase 5: Primal Movements –Review the following movements in the WOD below for 5 reps *Goal is blood flow, not max efforts

*Review WOD below during Phase 2 & 5 as needed and assign campers stations for the WOD below. After Phase 5 boot campers immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

 WOD: Perform the following (6 Station) Primary Movements (PM) below for 40s intervals and follow with Active Rest Movement (ARM) for 40s for 3 sets each station, then rotate to next station. All Boot Campers will perform same ARM as a group; however, you can accommodate twice as many campers if half the group does the PM and the other half does ARM. Transition time is 5s between PM & ARM and so they need to move quickly. 

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s work time, 5s rest, 6 sets, 30s transition time after all 3 sets are complete for PM & ARM

PM (40s x 3  Sets):

  1. SB/MB Dynamic Step-Ups (20s leading with each foot)  *3B’s *Feel entire foot on step to prevent pronation *Hold SB/MB anyway they want
  2. Band Standing Reverse Wood Chops (20s each side) *Weight shift with movement *Move from core *Add pivot & step if tolerated *Arms straight *Shoulders back & down- relax shoulders *Avoid bringing band higher than shoulder height to reduce likelihood of getting hit in the fact *Studio: Use New Blue APT Straps (bring handle all the way down or just grab the band- only one of the two bands is needed). *For advanced folks take a step and then Reverse Chop
  3. SB/MB Bear Hug Split Squats (20s each side) *3B’s –Tuck back hip *Shoulders back & down *Squeeze shoulder blades *Studio: Monkey Bar Room
  4. Plank Up-Downs (20s leading with each elbow) *Cue: hand-hand-elbow-elbow *3B’s *Hands under shoulders *3B’s *Widen feet as needed or go onto knees- goal is not to rock  *Modify with Kneeling Triceps Ext. on Ropeflex at Studio or TRX or Equalizer Triceps Ext.
  5. TRX/APT Wide Rows *Palms down-hands outside shoulders *No wrinkles in wrists –keep hands to chest height *Lift collar bones 1” *Squeeze shoulder blades and hold for 2s *3 B’s*Keep standing plank foundation
  6. MB Slam *Grab MB and slam it  *Lift collar bones 1” *Elbows in *3 B’s

ARM (40s x 3 Sets): Combo of core & cardio. Perform in circuit and repeat. *Keep intensity conversational- avoid going out of breath

  1. Whacky Jacks *3B’s *Keep legs straight *Squeeze shoulder blades
  2. Lower Abdominal Curl *Keep heels close to butt *Hands under tailbone *3B’s *Move from core-curl pelvis *Relax neck
  3. Quick Feet with 180 Degree Rotation Cue *Coach tells campers to rotate front or back *Relax heels
  4. Prone Butt Pincher Hold with AD/AB *Open legs as wide as possible keeping heels together > Lift legs off ground as high as possible and Hold for 30s > Bring knees in & out *Squeeze butt & inner thighs
  5. Quick Feet with Right – Left Shuffle *Athletic position-stay low *Coach tells campers to shuffle right or left *Relax heels
  6. Supine 1 Leg Bridges (20s each side) *3B’s

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

Are you up for a challenge? Sign up for the 6-Week Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge: 6-Week Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge

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