Fit Body Boot Camp Burlingame Fitness Trainer 2/29/16: Challenges Day 8 & 53- 6 Station Rotation

Past workout video:

4 Phase Warm-Up:

Phase 1: Bent Over Breathing (60-120s)

Perform 1-2 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing, while at the same time educating clients about posture and hip hinge. See video > Diaphragmatic Breathing Video.

Standing with knees slightly bent and teach clients how to externally rotate shoulders > hinge from hip *Make sure back is flat.  Initiate breathing with belly > rib cage and then chest, instead of initiating with chest. Breathe in and out of nose for approximately 15s each breath (5s inhale (belly falls) > 5s hold > 5s exhale. The purpose of this is to educate about the inhalation in the right order, which allows us to stabilize the core and prepare for the workout. As they continue to breathe they should feel the body relaxing.

Phase 2:  Stationary Foundation Mobility Training or Moving Dynamic Warm-up (5 Min) Incorporate movements similar or the same as the workouts below Explain the need to be in good posture for optimal breathing efficiency, strength, endurance, balance, etc. and to reduce potential injuries.

Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 30s work time, 5s rest for 6 sets

Phase 3: Core (Perform the following movements for 30s in a circuit with a 5s transition for 2 Sets

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

  1. Supine Lower Ab Leg Flutters *Perform small flutter kicks with legs straight *3 B’s *Bring legs lower if advanced *Hands under tailbone *Bend knees to make easier and don’t go as low for those with back issues
  2. Side Lying Groin Plank with Bottom Leg Off Ground (RT Side) *3 B’s *Collar bones up 1” *Keep hips up *Squeeze shoulder blades *Eyes straight
  3. Side Lying Groin Plank with Bottom Leg Off Ground (LT Side) *3 B’s *Collar bones up 1” *Keep hips up *Squeeze shoulder blades *Eyes straight

Phase 4: Primal Movements –Review the following movements in the WOD below for 5 reps *Goal is blood flow, not max efforts

*Review WOD below during Phase 3 above and 4 as needed. Assign campers stations for the WOD below. After Phase 4 boot campers immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

 WOD: Perform the following (6 Station) Primary Movements (PM) below for 40s intervals and follow with Active Rest Movement (ARM) for 40s for 3 sets each station, then rotate to next station. All Boot Campers will perform same ARM as a group; however, you can accommodate twice as many campers if half the group does the PM and the other half does ARM. Transition time is 5s between PM & ARM and so they need to move quickly.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s work time, 5s rest, 6 sets, 30s transition time after all 3 sets are complete for PM & ARM

PM (40s x 3  Sets):

  1. SB/KB/DB Suitcase Squat (20s each side) *Goal is to keep shoulders level and to not side bend *Hinge from hip *Get low *Squeeze butt at top *2B’s *Studio: Monkey Bar Room-Use KB’s
  2. MB/Battle Ropes Slam*Use whole body and follow through into ground *Hinge from hips *2B’s *Studio: Use Ropes
  3. TRX Row > Curl with Staggered Stance- you will need to assist with biceps curl in a lower row position *First perform row and then do biceps curl *Slow & controlled movement  *Relax shoulders *Collar bones up 1” *3B’s
  4. Wall Squat Hold *Leg ext. as tolerated (1-5s hold) *Start with feet together if attempting leg ext *3B’s- imprint spine into wall *Bring arms to 90 degree angles (scarecrow) and drive wrists, forearms and elbows into wall
  5. Glider Side Lunge Floor Touch (20s each side): *Campers only need one glider on lunging leg (start with glider under right foot) *Start with feet together >perform a deep squat with left leg, while at the same time bringing the right leg out to side in a slow, controlled manner. Switch sides after 20s.  ***This can be a dangerous movement if done wrong- groin will pull. Do not let weight shift to lunging leg- keep midline centered over squatting leg  *Hinging from the hips *Keep knee in line with second toe *2B’s
  6. Swiss Ball Push Up *Hands on ball – feet on bench *Wide feet is easier *Push the ball in from the sides *Down slow & controlled *Collar bones up 1” *Progress to 1 foot as tolerated*Keep Elbows In *3B’s *Modify with equalizer for hands

Perform in Circuit:

ARM (40s x 3 Sets):

  1. Plank Jacks *While in plank position, bring legs out & in *Keep hips up *3 B’s *Collar bones up 1”
  2. Heisman’s *Elbow to opp. leg *Relax heels
  3. Front to Back Jumping Jacks *Arms and legs go forward – back motion rather than typical side to side motion *Relax heels *3B’s
  4. Lateral jumps (20s) & Forward-Back Jumps (20s)  *Jump over a line with 2 feet *Relax heels *3B’s
  5. Squat Jacks *Start with feet together in squat > stand and touch hands at the top > repeat
  6. Stationary Sprints (10s Work) > Recover for 10s > Sprints 10s > Recover *Drive arms to increase leg turnover or frequency *Relax heels

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

Are you up for a challenge? Sign up for the 6-Week Boot Camp Transformation Challenge: 6-Week Boot Camp Transformation Challenge

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