Do Dairy or Dump Dairy?​ Coaching Call with Dr. Heidi Dulay

Whether or not to eat something is often like a conversation with politics or religion. Everyone has an opinion and it often ends badly 🙂 Two of the most controversial nutrition topics are gluten and dairy.

Two weeks ago, my colleague and friend Dr. Heidi Dulay joined me on my Tuesday coaching call “Do Dairy or Dump Dairy?”

Where do you stand?

Do you consume dairy products because you enjoy them or because they are truly doing your body good?
Have you ever related your digestive complaints and allergies to dairy?
Did you know there is a correlation for billions of people around the world?

Dr. Heidi and I didn’t go into how bad pasteurized dairy is for many people who consume it, but we did talk about the best dairy sources out there if you choose to consume dairy.

My stance on dairy is that you either consume healthy, unprocessed dairy products or consume it very rarely if at all. Growing up I used drink 2-3 cups of milk daily with additional cheese, ice cream, yogurt and cottage cheese throughout the week. I worked out to improve my baseball performance, but also to decrease my big belly which made no sense given I worked out on average 3-5 hours per day, 6 days a week.

About 18 years ago when I was in my mid-twenties I did an elimination diet much like my detox programs and realized that my distended belly and constant gas was from all the undigested dairy I was consuming. In less than a week of eliminating dairy I experienced considerably less digestive stress. For years I avoided all dairy until one of my mentors told me that dairy wasn’t the problem, but more specifically pasteurized dairy was the culprit.

My mentor was right, high quality, unprocessed dairy didn’t give me digestive complaints and I have since tested this with thousands of clients with similar findings.

Dr. Dulay has been generous enough to give us her recipe for making kefir plus her very special Kefir Fat Burning Drink recipe! You can view them below.

How to Make Kefir


Kefir Fat Burning Drink Recipe


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