Did you receive “Your Weekly Top 3 Goals and Game Plan Email” on Sunday?

Did you receive “Your Weekly Top 3 Goals and Game Plan Email” from me on Sunday morning?

When I looked in my email at 6:00 am Sunday it was there. I reviewed my goals, game plan and incantations and now I am ready for the week ahead.

The purpose of this new, weekly email goal & planning system is to help keep what you want fresh in your mind with your game plan to get you to your destination ASAP.

It’s so easy to get distracted from YOUR NEEDS and GOALS these days, right?

Tony Robbins calls this process of reviewing what you want TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness).

Where focus goes, energy flows and to be successful with your goals the focus needs to be on YOU!

After being in the health & fitness industry for the last 26 years and having the privilege of coaching thousands of people around the world I have learned that weight loss, fat loss and achieving optimal health & wellness is less about the “strategy” and more about the mindset.

There is no shortage of information on how to lose weight, body fat, improve health etc. Just Google anything and you will receive information in seconds 🙂

Yes, there are better strategies than others but if you work on your mindset daily you will be in a positive emotional state more often and never stop searching for the best strategies.

You must stay hungry and to do this you must stay focused!

In regards to focus, you need to figure out what you really want, dig deep to understand WHY you want it and create a plan to get there (I can help with the game plan- strategies).

There also has to be an urgency and consistent daily rituals (wake up 15 minutes earlier, review goals, review to do’s, chunk time, drink water, eat breakfast, workout, avoid email and social media until needs are met, wind down around 9:30 pm, meditate, create/revise to do list, prepare meals, sleep, etc.)

I highly recommend reviewing your top 3 goals daily (i.e. when you wake up, before you go to bed, when you get in your car, etc.) and I have created a free system for you to make this easy.

If you didn’t get your “Your Weekly Top 3 Goals and Game Plan Email” today and you want to start the process for FREE, you can login to my new client portal to access your Goal Success Form at any time at the following web address:


Once logged in, click on the Online Forms link in the navigation bar. When the Client Forms page loads, select the Goal Success Form button and the form will display so that you can begin the process. You can save at any time.

Remember, sometimes your goals and/or goal achievement dates can change. You might notice that more detail can be added to your goals to be more specific, or that you feel one or more of your goals can be achieved sooner than you originally thought. What is even more fun is when you have achieved your top three goals and can update them with new ones!

Be as specific as you can with your game plan and revise your goals often as needed.

Also, when you register on the system, you will have access to my 5 Day Detox Program at no cost. This program was designed to help you lose 5 pounds in 5 days and reduce sugar and carb cravings.

Register here: http://fbs.brienshamp.com

After you complete the registration process you will have your own dashboard and this will grow with more tools, bonuses and information over the next few months as we grow our new system to support you.

I would love to hear your feedback on the system after you play around 🙂

Your friend & coach,


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