I just completed my meditation/prayer work for the day, a practice that I do most days of the week, so I can fill up and can give my very best to all of you.

Today I reflected on how blessed I am to share and work with you. Yesterday I had the opportunity to coach hundreds of people, but I was especially grateful to help Lisa and Linette. Lisa has suffered with migraine headaches almost daily for 35+ years. She has good days and bad days and given her frequent headaches she doesn’t make plans. She rarely exercises and and there is a lot of pain.

Linette exercises frequently, but is also often in pain. She looks fit but finds herself struggling with neck, shoulder and back pain. She was in another exercise program and started with us last week.

I spent 45 minutes coaching both women and I am filled up because I know our talk will change their lives. Of course I will follow up with them 🙂

Helping you is what I was meant to do on this planet and it’s even better that I get paid for a job I love.

If you are not yet one of my coaching clients I would love to help you achieve your goals. If you are one of my coaching clients and you are struggling, reach out NOW and allow us to help.

We often have trouble asking for help. Many of us lack support and have just learned to do things on are own.

I’m a little surprised there are a few people who still haven’t applied yet for our new transformation program. I’m talking about our Girls Night Out Experience that DOES NOT focus on the scale (even though you’ll lose 13-21+ pounds) but more importantly concentrates on helping you feel like a brand new woman!

That’s right, together we’ll create a body that’s the perfect reflection of YOU.


You will be welcomed into our fitness family with other supportive women who have been where you are.

If you were waiting for a sign that the time is right let me assure you THIS IS IT!

Now is your chance to seize this opportunity to tighten, tone and completely transform not only your entire body but your life while your self confidence skyrockets.

We have created the “Girls Night Out Experience 6 Week Success Stages” where each week concentrates on a different phase of your total body and life transformation.

Each stage builds upon the last to create the body, the health, and the happiness you have always dreamed of (and deserve).

Here is what you can look forward to…

Week 1: Detox – Cleanse your body and discover how good you can feel

Week 2: Nourish – Discover what your body needs for optimal health

Week 3: Girl Power – Build friendships and an ongoing support system

Week 4: Strengthen – Uncover your your inner (and outer) power

Week 5: Nurture – Treat yourself and acknowledge the woman you are

Week 6: Beautify – Embrace your beauty and newly fit & lean body

Sounds amazing right? (that’s because it is!)

Best of all since this is a group program you don’t have to pay my normal $150 per hour rate. I tried to make this program affordable for everyone. You’ll only pay $49 a week for this 6-week Girls Night Out Experience.

So if you are ready to relight your sexy sparkle and rediscover your inner strength (and I’m guessing you are) then this proven step-by-step program is your perfect first step.

Share an extraordinary journey with women just like you in a warm and welcoming environment where the ultimate goal is to not only help you drop that unwanted weight (13-21 pounds) but to help you be you again… for only $49 per week.

Register now here: Girls Night Out Experience and together we can help you weigh less and look and feel better than you have in years or even decades.

Don’t let another day pass by while you’re not being the best YOU can be.

I can’t wait to work deeper with you!

Your friend & coach,


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