Are you free next weekend? Check out my plan for you…

Memorial Day weekend is almost here​ and I am getting more excited each day to get away!

If you don’t already know, I am going to be teaching at a new retreat center opening up in the Santa Cruz mountains called 1440 Multiversity​​.

Check out the weekend schedule here:Schedule​

On arrival day (Friday) we are going to create a game plan to achieve your goals based upon what you really want and why.

You are going to have an accountability partner for the weekend and when you leave the retreat.

Saturday morning you can either do a workout with me or yoga/meditation.

After a healthy breakfast, we are going to work on how to start every day for success. You will leave with daily rituals to get you motivated and out of a funk whenever you need them.

After lunch you can do yoga, tai chi or a dance session. You can also opt for quiet time.

We will then spend some time talking about the fitness model I developed after 27 years of working with thousands of clients around the world.

I use this model daily for my personal training and boot camp clients that want to lose weight, body fat and reduce pain.

You will learn how to design a safe and effective fat loss and strength based program that you can do at home, a gym or even a park.

If you want more before dinner, there will be yoga, meditation or tai chi.

After dinner we will talk nutrition strategies to improve digestion, toxicity and balance hormones in order to lose belly fat, optimize blood work, improve sleep, health and overall performance.

On Sunday morning, we will do a workout together or you can do yoga or mediation.

After breakfast, we will finish with a workshop on breathing, posture, mobility, core work, self-massage, chakra balancing exercises, and workouts you can do anytime with minimal equipment.

After lunch we will say our good byes and you will leave more aware, better, smarter fitter, healthier and more relaxed than you are right now 🙂

I would love for you to join me for this getaway. My wife will be joining me also, so you can pick her brain on healthy meals and lifestyle tips for the whole family.

For more information and to register click the green button below:

“Finally Get Fit​”

Check out the video >>>HERE​<<< for more on 1440 Multiversity​.

Your friend & coach,


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