Got Pain? Try Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy!

Got Pain?

If you have tried multiple therapies and still have pain, consider ANF!

Listen to my interview with Dr. Amie Gregory and she will share how ANF (Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy) works.

Dr. Amie Gregory told me she often observes a 50% reduction in pain with just 1 session.

Dr. Amie will be at our Harbor location (603 Harbor, Belmont) on Saturday, September 29th from 830- 1030 am.

She will be doing 20 minute treatments for her cost of the discs (Only $20 session).

You can also schedule with her at her office for a more comprehensive treatment possibly involving Chiropractic Care, Cold Laser Therapy, Nutrition Response Testing, Graston Technique and more.

For more on ANF and Dr. Amie Gregory go to:…/amino-neuro-frequency-therapy/

Coach Brien

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