Kids Workout Policy

On rare occasion I get asked about the policy for kids to do our group training program.

Most gyms and fitness centers do not allow kids in a fitness center for liability reasons.

I have always been vague about this topic because I started working out in a gym on my own at 12.  Today, I probably would not be able to do that.

Working out at a gym at a young age was great for me. I was motivated, independent and I truly wanted to get better to enhance my performance in baseball and rehab my injuries. Yes, I started getting injured at 12 years old ☹

I was a bit different ? but I know there are kids out there like me who are mature enough to workout in a room with adults.

In the past what I have done is allow a free trial to see if the child was a fit for our environment.

During the trial, we have assessed if the child truly wanted to be there on their own (not forced to be there by their parent) and was mature enough to listen to the coach and do the workouts without being a disruption.

If the child was a fit they would be allowed to continue future sessions.

For most situations, it is required for a parent to attend with their child if under 16; but that is also based upon our assessment.

If you would like to have your child do a trial let us know.

Drop-in fee for children under 16 are $10/session after the free trial.

16 and over the drop-in fee is $20 just like adults.

Pricing will be lower for those 16 and older if a membership is purchased.

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