Coach Brien Shamp’s Livestream 4th of July Community Workout 7-4-20

Ideally, warm-up prior with self-massage and mobility exercises. See this post: How To Prepare For Workouts

WOD: This is a Non-Stop Workout and models the Spartan Virtual Sprint (5K) but I removed some of the more stressful obstacles to reduce back pain:

Set interval timer: Work: 30s Rest 5s for 50 sets

We will do the same obstacles in the Spartan Beast & Ultra but all of the obstacles and cardio portion will be 30s each.

Cardio Options: Jog/Jump Rope/Step-Ups (15s/side)

There will be 50 sets with a 5s transition in between the cardio and obstacles. This will take 30 min to complete.

**Heart Rate Monitor Zone: Blue to Orange. Get the heart rate up during this time to an anaerobic zone (non-conversational intensity). Orange Zones are generally anaerobic zones. Blue Zone is an aerobic zone. Work in zones 4 & 5 for 10 minutes or more as tolerated**

*Connect your heart rate monitor to Coresync App for the workout or any workout>>> CORESYNC

If attending the LIVE Session, connect your heart rate monitor to the CoreSync app > click on workouts at the bottom > Click on LIVE > select class time and we will be able to see your heart rate, workout intensity and calories expended.

Start with Cardio and alternate with the 30 obstacles below:

  1. knee slap mountain climbers
  2. jumping jacks
  3. plank with right trunk/shoulder rotation
  4. plank with left trunk/shoulder rotation
  5. air squats
  6. forward lunges (15s per side)
  7. burpees
  8. hand-release push-ups
  9. tuck jumps
  10. plank up-downs (15s per side)
  11.  backward lunges (15s per side)
  12. knee slap mountain climbers (per side)
  13. one leg bridges with foot on chair- right side
  14. one leg bridges with foot on chair- left side
  15. dips
  16. single-leg squats-right side
  17. single-leg squats-left t side
  18. decline push-ups
  19. Bulgarian split squats – right side
  20. Bulgarian split squats – left side
  21. supermans
  22. walk-out push-ups
  23. flutter kicks (per side)
  24. prison cell pushups
  25. burpee to tuck jumps

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min *Heart Rate Monitor Zone: 1 –  Emphasize slow deep breaths.

I hope that you get a chance to give this workout a try soon.

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