Word of the week – Release

To release is to let go of something or someone. Now is a great time to let anything in your life go that is no longer serving you.

Are you still holding onto pre-covid times? One example I have heard often regarding workouts is that some don’t want to do online workouts because they loved in-person workouts pre-covid. If there is not an option for in-person workouts, how is that attachment serving you?

What do you need to release that could be holding you back?

A big area to consider releasing is relationships. Shedding relationships that have served their purpose in the past but no longer provide passion or interest is another thing to think about. “Stop, breathe and release anything that no longer serves you.”

2020 will be remembered as the year when everything changed. Many are getting new jobs, changing careers and moving to a new area.  

When you look back on 2020, what do you want to remember?

Releasing is something you do for your own good, for your health and well-being. When you release negative people, things or emotions, you will feel a lot better. Rather than focusing on all that is wrong, reflect on all that is right. Just close your eyes, breathe in gratitude and let negativity go…

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Have a great week!

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