Word of the Week: PEACE

The word of the week is PEACE. Peace is FREEDOM from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.

How do we achieve peace in the midst of Covid, fires, an election, family issues, media contradictions, social media bickering, economic uncertainty, online schooling, etc?

Yikes, sounds challenging right?

Well, it is…but it has always been a challenge to find peace.

If you are struggling to find peace now, I bet you struggled to find it Pre-Covid also.

Those who are thriving during this time have better coping mechanisms and you can learn to apply these same strategies also.

Peace can be achieved with a FOCUS on making YOU a priority and achieving your 7 Daily Primal Needs.

Peace is the side effect of taking care of you!

Be consistent with the top 4 Daily Primal Needs and you will not only have a peaceful week and election season, but a peaceful, happy and healthy life filled with abundance!

My prayer for you is to strive for peace in the midst of chaos.

If you need support I would love to be your accountability coach. I am unable to start any new coaching clients this week, but I will have an opening on October 26th. Let me know if you want a free strategy coping session.

Have a great week!

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