Coach Brien Shamp’s Livestream Saturday Spartan Sprint 11/21/20

Ideally, warm-up prior with self-massage and mobility exercises. See this post: How To Prepare For Workouts

Core Warm-Up: Perform 2 sets; 40s work, 10s rest
*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s Work, 10s Rest, 6 Sets

  1. Glute Bridge Raises with MB/Foam Roll Between Knees
  2. Plank Shoulder Taps (Alternate Sides)
  3. Side Lying Groin Plank (20s/side)

WOD: Spartan Spartan

Start a timer & perform 3 minutes of your preferred cardio equivalent (Ice Skaters, Jump Rope, Rowing, Biking or Step-Ups) and alternate the 10 obstacles below for 2 rounds.

We will start with 3 minutes of cardio and then alternate the obstacles/cardio.

At the top of each minute for 20 minutes we will do
the obstacles below for 10 reps and as soon as you finish, go into your cardio of choice.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 3 minutes first and then….60s Work, 0s Rest, 20 Sets

**Heart Rate Monitor Zone: Blue to Orange. Get the heart rate up during this time to an anaerobic zone (non-conversational intensity). Orange Zones are generally anaerobic zones. Blue Zone is an aerobic zone. Work in zones 4 & 5 for 10 minutes or more as tolerated**

*Connect your heart rate monitor to Coresync App for the workout or any workout>>> CORESYNC

If attending the LIVE Session, connect your heart rate monitor to the CoreSync app > click on workouts at the bottom > Click on LIVE > select class time and we will be able to see your heart rate, workout intensity and calories expended.


  1. 10 Hand-release push-ups
  2. 10 Air squats
  3. 10 Squat thrusts
  4. 10 Forward lunges (per side)
  5. 10 Mountain climbers (per side)
  6. 10 Backward lunges (per side)
  7. 10 Knee slap mountain climbers (per side)
  8. 10 Dips
  9. 10 Lizard Crawls (elbow crawl)
  10. 10 Jump squats

I hope that you get a chance to give this workout a try soon.

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