Make Yourself A Priority in 2021!

How’s your 2021 going so far?

Before you know it the month will be over.

If you are struggling, I guarantee that you are not making your health & fitness a priority.

It happens to the best of us…even me, so if you need to focus more on YOU, I have 7 Needs for you to focus on.

I was interviewed by the infamous Michelle Martinez for The Big Wedding Planning Podcast and I talked about my 7 Daily Primal Needs Model and how to Make Yourself A Priority here: The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Big Takeaways

Stress reduction is everything. Exercise alone does not have anything to do with losing weight.

The 7 Daily Primal Needs

  1. Consciously breathe – Slow, deep, rhythmic core breathing
  2. Hydrate – Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water every day – minimum
  3. Sleep – quality and quantity. 7-9 hours per night (sleep will help balance your hormones!)
  4. Eat – Hight quality foods. Plan & Prepare. Chew. Know your body.
  5. Love – Connect with those that fill you up. Server others. Live from the heart, not the mind.
  6. Growth – Constant and never-ending improvement and personal development. Get a coach to help you!
  7. Movement – 30 minutes per day, minimum! When you work out, you ask more of your physiology. Be aware of your posture too.

With your in-home/virtual workouts, create a nice environment for yourself. Find joy in your workout space!

I also encourage all trainees to use a heart rate monitor.

To listen to the podcast go here: The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

If you are ready to take control over 2021 and finally FEEL OUTSTANDING & LOOK YOUR BEST– let’s do this together!

Let’s have a strategy session about our NEW 2021 “LEAVE 20 BEHIND” Virtual Transformation Challenge.

I am taking on 2 more coaching clients this Monday.

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Have an incredible weekend!

Committed to your Success,

​Coach Brien Shamp