Word of the Week: TENACITY

The word of the week this week is TENACITY!

Tenacity is the determination to continue what you are doing.

Many people give up when the going gets tough, right before they achieve success.

I have given up many times in the past and I still often think…”What if?”

Back in December 2009 was the lowest point of my life. Although I had what looked like a successful business with great client success, I no longer could afford to pay the rent or my employees.

I was recently married with a 2-year-old and had another on the way.

I filed for bankruptcy and had no idea how I would support my family.

At one point I had a negative bank account and felt like a complete failure.

I forgot about all of my accomplishments, lacked gratitude, focused only on what I didn’t have and judged my worth based upon my finances.

I could have given up.

At times I wanted to give up and thought it could be easier if I wasn’t around.

I went in survival mode and made it through that challenge with lots of prayer, reflection, and gratitude.

God became my partner and still is today.

I didn’t give up and re-invented myself.

In 2018, I had my most successful year in the health & fitness field and worked with over 3000 people. I had more outstanding transformations in 1 year than I did in my first 28 years combined.

Last year, I was challenged like most of the world with Covid. I was forced to close my 3 brick and mortar locations, but given my past challenges, I was able to pivot online on week 1 of the pandemic.

That decision to go online with speed has allowed me freedom to restructure my business and life for the better. Weare able to get even better results with our comprehensive, personalized coaching program and now I am able to serve my clients anywhere in the world.

It’s also allowed my family and I the freedom to live anywhere, so we were able to move out of the Bay Area.

If I would have given up in 2009…

I wouldn’t have had the ability to make a difference in so many thousands of lives.

I wouldn’t have experienced the joy & love of my friends and family.

I wouldn’t be here today.

“Almost more than talent you need tenacity, and an infinite capacity for rejection, if you are to succeed.” Larry Kramer

I look forward to helping even more of you with your goals.

Don’t give up on you. Let me know if you need help!

Have a great week and Be tenacious!

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Have a great week!

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