2017 Fitness Events

This page contains information on various events around the peninsula, which I believe will interest our clients and subscribers. The events include fitness workshops, motivational seminars, community fundraisers, health & wellness seminars,  community team building, fitness events and more. Scroll down…

Team Shamp Fitness Events

Most of my clients come to me to lose body fat. From my 27 years of helping thousands of clients lose tons of fat, I have found that if your goal is solely to lose body fat, it is generally not a big enough goal to stay motivated for the long run.

I know it may feel like a big and very important goal to you now, but as you may have found out already it is challenging to be consistent with all the things necessary for long-term fat and weight loss (food intake, sleep, exercise, keeping stress down, etc.) given all the obstacles we encounter each day.

One way to stay motivated to exercise consistently is to schedule a fitness event. Below, I have some events for you to consider for 2017.

FitRanx System

FitRanx is a Revolutionary Fitness Ranking System that we are integrating into our boot camp program. Check out this intro video: FitRanx Intro

If you are interested in taking your fitness to the next level, we will be adding monthly fitness testing to rank you similar to a martial arts system. There are 8 levels in the FitranX system and level 8 would be the equivalent of a black belt. You will be tested on a series of fitness challenges and awarded for each level you pass. The Introduction and Qualifier Workshop for Level 1 will take place on Saturday, March 4th at 10:30 am at the 603 Harbor Blvd location.Testing for those who qualify will then take place on Saturday, March 11th at 10:30 am (also at the 603 Harbor Blvd location.) You must attend both weekends to take the Level 1 Test. In April, we will do Level 1 Testing again along with Level 2 for those who pass Level 1.

Fight for Air Climb: San Francisco, April 22, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

Join our team in supporting the Fight for Air Climb, which makes a positive impact in the lives of those affected by lung disease.

Participants raise funds to support the mission of the American Lung Association while training to climb the stairs of a skyscraper, stadium, or landmark building. The participants join together with friends and family as they climb the stairs of the building to the top!

The SF event takes place at 101 California Street in San Francisco.

This is a great cause and a great workout. You also get to hang out with bay area firemen which seems to be a bigger draw for the ladies. And of course other boot campers and me.

The climb takes only about 15 minutes. I like to do it 2-3x if you want to join me 🙂

Let me know if you want to join in on the cause. Register here: Fight For Air

Spartan Races

Spartan Sprint @ AT&T Park: San Francisco, November, 2017

For all Spartan Races, my subscribers and clients will receive 15% off of their race registrations with the client coupon code SR00097.

Stay tuned for more 2017 events to be posted…

If you have a fitness event you would like to participate in and want to be a team captain let me know and we will add it to the schedule.

Your friend & coach,

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