Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted Wines

Is wine part of your lifestyle?

Have you noticed any of the following:
✅Excessive Belly Fat?
✅Weight Gain?
✅Metabolic Issues?
✅Sleep Issues/Night Sweats?
✅Hot Flashes?

I have been concerned about wine consumption because many women experience problematic, hormonal side effects: weight gain, fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, etc.

These symptoms don’t seem to occur as often when drinking tequila, vodka and other fermented drinks, but why do they occur more often with wine?

Apparently, like most things most wine is not what you think it is. 

Winemakers add more sugar, chemicals and additional sulfites to make it taste better, look better and last longer. This sells more wine and it has a longer shelf life, but there are side effects that most consumers are not aware of.

Given my research into cleaner wines, I learned about Scout & Cellar. I created an account with them and recently ordered some of their wines.

Check them out here: scoutandcellar.com/brienshamp

I still recommend drinking wine with caution, but here are some benefits of Clean Crafted Wines By Scout &


?NO Chemicals

NO Additives

?NO Added Sugars

?Only natural and minimal sulfites

?Lab Tested

?Vinified by hand

? Almost all are vegan

?Wine as Nature Intended
?We partner with amazing boutique farmers across the globe

?All of our wines are selected by our founder and level 3 Sommelier Sarah
Shadonix (Pronounced SHAD-nicks)

?Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are going to drink, drink wisely. 

For more information go to: scoutandcellar.com/brienshamp

Let me know if you have any questions.


Coach Brien