Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

In an ideal world, everyone would have their personal fitness journey guided by a caring, experienced and knowledgeable coach.

Personal trainers excel at improving your physical fitness in the gym, but personal coaches like Brien Shamp and his dedicated team go above and beyond. We specialize in helping overwhelmed and stressed men & women, 45 and over, who desire a holistic approach to health and well-being.


Our mission is to support you in achieving work-life balance, optimizing blood work, reducing weight and belly fat, enhancing strength and balance, boosting confidence, and overall improving your quality of life. With our personalized coaching, you’ll be working smarter, more consistently, and more efficiently. No time wasted wondering what’s next.


Moreover, with Brien’s extensive background as a Massage Therapist, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and more, our sessions extend beyond just exercise. We incorporate techniques like Uplock Nasal Breathing, hydration, nutrition, sleep, supplementation, massage, and stretching, tailored to your unique needs and conditions.


High-intensity exercise is not always the answer; we believe in a science-based approach to goal achievement. We can assess exactly what you need on a given day! Brien Shamp is ready to support you on your wellness journey. For most clients, we recommend our Small-Group Personal Training, which is more affordable and still amazing! For more information go to: Shamps Fit Camp.


Don’t let stress, pain, or confusion hold you back. Let Coach Brien help you achieve the health and fitness you’ve been longing for. Fast-track your results with an outstanding coach by your side.

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designs for health supplement

My most recommended products from Designs for Health are:


PurePaleo (Grass-fed beef protein powder)


VegeMeal (pea-based protein powder)


14 Day & 21 Day VegeCleanse Plus Detox Kit


Betaine HCL (a supplement that helps to digest animal protein)


Paleozyme (an enzyme supplement that helps to break down a variety of food to improve digestion)