Brien Shamp

I began personal fitness training back in 1991 at the age of 18, 32 years ago.

Given Covid, we closed down our two Bay Area locations in March 2020 and now my team and I develop comprehensive coaching programs online for clients of all ages and abilities.

We are most passionate about helping Mompreneur’s and other hard-working Mom’s, 45 and up who lack time and motivation to make themselves a priority.

We help our amazing Mom’s get their groove back, feel confident and sexy again, get back into their skinny jeans and reduce their muscle & joint pain, by improving work-life balance, conscious breathing, digestion, hormonal balance, hydration, sleep, movement and more with a few daily & easy self-care rituals (our 7 Daily Primal Needs- I AM A Priority Coaching Model).

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Over the past 32 years we have helped Mompreneur’s and other hard-working Mom’s, 45 and up
who were overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, tired, out of balance with hormones, overweight and have one or more injuries. Now, more than ever it is time for you to take control over your health, fitness and wellness and to finally make YOU A PRIORITY!

We are passionate about helping our coaching clients Make Themselves A PriorityFeel & Look Their Best By Reducing Stress And Creating Balance.

We do this by keeping our clients FOCUSED on their Goals and reminding them to Make Themselves a Priority
through our Daily Accountability Coaching Process.

We take a deep dive into nutrition and figure out what foods are causing pain and what foods are one’s ideal fuel source
through our Personalized Nutrition Strategies.

We have taken our Award-Winning Fitness Programs Online, so our clients can now workout anywhere in the world with us.

And now we have Latest Technology that can pair a Bluetooth scale and heart rate monitor to our software to give you better tracking, progress and even faster RESULTS!

We are so blessed to now work with coaching clients all over the world on with our 7 Step “I AM A PRIORITY” Coaching Program. 

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