Should I do personal training or group training? 

Here are some key factors to help determine if personal training or group training is a better fit:

Personal Training is ideal if:

  • You have very specific or complex health/fitness goals that require one-on-one attention
  • You need a fully tailored, individualized program to address unique needs or limitations
  • You prefer private sessions and not working out with others around
  • Your schedule demands complete flexibility with scheduling sessions
  • Cost is not a major factor and you prioritize 1-on-1 coaching

Group Training may be better if:

  • You enjoy higher energy, communal workouts with a built-in support network
  • You are self-motivated but still seek structure, social accountability
  • You want feedback and coaching without full personalization
  • You need more flexibility or affordability with scheduling/cost
  • You aim to gain knowledge from team/peer insights and experience

Key factors are your personality fit, motivations, goals complexity, schedule flexibility needs, budget, and health considerations. Assess which environment and coaching level aligns best. Many also use a blend of both for maximum progress. 

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Will I have a personal trainer each time I workout?

Yes! You will work with an experienced, professional trainer each time you come for a workout. All trainers have been trained by Coach Brien Shamp. 

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What do workouts typically look like?

One-on-one personal training sessions are completely custom and can be done in- person or online, whereas small group sessions are 45-minutes and follow a similar pattern:

● Full body warm-up
● Core Work
● Strength Training
● Metabolic Finisher
● Mobility Cool-Down

One common question we receive is, “I want to lose weight. Can Brien Shamp’s Coaching still help me lose weight?” The answer is a resounding yes! There is a misconception that sweating through endless cardio is the only path to weight loss and fat burn.

However, the truth is building lean muscle mass actually fuels the fat loss process. The more muscle your body has, the higher your metabolism runs, allowing you to torch calories and fat around the clock. Think of it this way – your metabolism is the engine. Strength training allows you to upgrade from a 4-cylinder to a V8, burning fuel at an accelerated rate.

Unlike cardio which only burns calories in the moment, added muscle strength trains your body to incinerate fat 24/7. Our full-body training protocols help construct this powerful engine by developing metabolic muscle without bulk. This allows you to burn fat faster and more efficiently. So if weight loss is your goal, our strength focus lays the perfect foundation for shedding pounds as the improved muscle density persists even at rest.

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How do I know if I’m a good fit?

If you’re fed up with cookie-cutter group classes, solo gym routines, or programs that disregard your needs, Brien Shamp’s Coaching is worth your consideration.

Most of our members are busy professionals over 40, with goals of improving their health. They have no interest in extreme fitness and dietary regimens that attempt to take over their lives.

Rather, our members want to embark on a realistic health & fitness journey tailored to their individual goals, abilities, and schedule. And above all, they want the ongoing guidance of expert coaches instead of attempting to figure everything out alone.

At Brien Shamp’s Coaching, we provide Accountability Coaching, Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies fine-tuned to your goals, schedule, and lifestyle.​ If you’re seeking a supportive, expert-led community where you can thrive at your own pace, our solution may be a great match.

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How much does it cost?

Our program options are customizable for each person’s unique goals and circumstances. After learning more about you in your Starting Point Session, we’ll recommend a program or two that will work best for you. We guarantee one thing: It won’t be the cheapest in town.

The truth is, inexperienced trainers and lack of customer service all go hand-in-hand with being the cheapest. A service-oriented business simply can’t be the cheapest and the best at the same time, so we choose to offer the best

Here’s what our client’s say about our membership pricing:

“Worth every penny for the custom coaching and community. My results have been incredible.” – Mike S.

“Far exceeds my expectations for the monthly membership. The individualized attention is priceless – I’ve never been in better shape.” – Marta R.

“Amazing experience and progress in just 6 weeks! The coaches and tracking keep me steadily improving. Shamp’s Fit Camp has enriched my life and I am paying less than I did prior working with a personal trainer!” – Trisha G.

“The group training environment outshines any gym I’ve tried, and I’m saving money given I am no longer paying personal training fees.” – Robert D.

“Between nutrition plans, personalized workouts and lifestyle coaching – Shamp’s  Fit Camp offers incredible all-inclusive value helping me thrive inside and outside the gym.” – Susan P.

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