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No more circumference measurements or inaccurate weight or body fat data!
The latest technology in body fat testing, measurement and posture analysis is here!
The Fit3D Body Scanner will give you precise body measurements in only 35s.

In 35 seconds you will receive:

  • Accurate Body Fat & Weight: No more guessing where you are at and what you have achieved. Values are comparable to a Dexa Scan, but Dexa costs approximately $150 per scan at some locations.
  • 3D Images and Measurements: You will receive  a full 3D Image of your body and exact measurements, including circumferences, lengths, widths, and volumes. You can use your results from the scan results to get your clothes expertly tailored and more. You no longer need to go to the mall
  • Body Shape Rating: Provides you with a wellness rating based upon where your mass is located. This will help you identify problem areas.
  • Posture Assessment: This assessment will bring you awareness of your structure and help identify postural issues related to pain and injuries

See the video below explaining how to do a Fit3D scan:

The concept of this body scan began with the clothing industry to get specific and accurate body measurements without the need for a tailor.

It then evolved over to the fitness industry to give us that same information which we can use to identify problem areas and track progress.

Recently Fit3D came out with new software to give accurate body fat data comparable to DEXA (the “Gold” standard), as well as a postural analysis that we can use to give you even more precise exercise recommendations and possibly movements to avoid. We are super excited to take you to the next level with this new scanning tool!

Click on one of the links below to purchase the plan you want and then schedule your first session:

After purchasing, schedule your first FIT3D session here: Zen FIT3D Scheduler

Create an account here: Fit3D Account *Only takes 1 minute
Once you arrive, you will only need to remember your password to log into the Fit3D scanner.

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