Home Workout Equipment for Virtual Workouts

Home Workout Equipment for Virtual Workouts

Please see below for my recommended home exercise equipment. I highly recommend a MEDBELL with a handle and Anchor Point Training system to get going on all home workouts. See below for more.

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When choosing which door anchor package you need to decide Light or Heavy and 5′ or 8′.

Strong women over 150 lbs can use the heavy.  Most men will want the heavy. That said anyone can get a decent workout from the lights.

The 5′ version, needs about 6′ of floor space from the anchor, the 8′ needs 9′.

8′ band has a more gradual change in resistance and a longer ROM.

5′ band uses less space and with a quicker increase in resistance is actually easier to manage for beginners.

5′ sacrifices some big movement, but the 5′ bands can be connected together to make an 8′ loop.

Check out these videos to learn how to anchor the system to the door:


Manduka Yoga Mats & Accessories

If you need a mat for working out look no further than the Manduka X. It is their most popular mat for CrossFit, HIIT, and hybrid-type classes. The Manduka X mat is unique in that the top layer is reinforced to withstand the tread of shoes without breaking down. This mat can easily switch between hybrid or HIIT work outs and yoga while providing cushion for yoga and durability for jumps and squats. It also has a firm, grippy hand feel that athletes love. One of the main differences compared to other gym-type yoga mats is that you can feel them bottoming out (that feeling of stepping on the mat and sinking all the way to the floor). Those type of gym mats just feel cheap and your body actually loses energy/efficiency trying to land and take-off if you’re jumping or moving on them.

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Additional Equipment Recommendations:


Stability Ball
*65 cm for 5’9″ and over
*55 cm for under 5’9″