Lesson 4

Ketogenic Resources
  • I also did another video if you want to dive deeper into Ketogenic principles >>> Ketgoenic Diet and Recommended Keto Product Support
  • We are not following any specific dietary model (principles taken from detox (aka elimination diets), metabolic typing, zone diet, paleo, no grain diet, work with Dr. Heidi Dulay, coaching from Paul Check and 28 years of experience working with thousands of people) but the model has similarities to a Ketogenic Diet (high fat diet).
  • If you want to learn more about the Ketogenic Diet view the Netflix Documentary >>>The Magic Pill
  • Learn more about the science of a high fat diet below (taken from a recent Keto seminar I attended in April 2018):S.Bergman_Keto_Seminar_Deck_v3_16April2018_cc2.original.1524178882
  • Check out this Ketogenic Start Guide by Dr. Jockers: Guide *This guide will give you a great understanding of ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet *We sell many of the products he recommends. Again, I am not recommending a full on keto diet but love the overall principles. I don’t believe most need to go to the level of this guide and count carbs, proteins, etc.

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