Vital Choice- Wild Fish Delivery

Many of you have heard about the dangers of fish and its related mercury toxicity. My family and I have been using Vital Choice for our fish source for about 5 years and it is truly amazing. Vital Choice captures the fresh-caught quality of fine, sustainably harvested Alaska Salmon and other Alaska and northwest Pacific seafood and delivers it right to your door. It is sushi-grade quality you can trust.

Here are my “Top 4 Reasons” to choose Vital Choice Fish & Seafood Delivery:

#1 Certified Purity

All of their foods are exceptionally pure … and routinely tested to be sure. They use no artificial additives and make no compromises … ever.

#2 Top Culinary Quality

They offer only the finest sushi-grade fish. View their testimonials, and see their guarantee.

#3 Anti-Aging Nutrition

Their wild catch abounds in omega-3s and vitamin D: two shining stars in the wellness sky.

#4 Sustainable Seafood

Enjoy seafood without worries, from certified-sustainable fisheries. Your purchase helps protect wild fish stocks.

To have vital choice fish sent right to your home: Vital Choice

I guarantee you will love it!