Emily Transformed Her Body Virtually During A Pandemic & So Can You!

In only 9 weeks Emily lost 12 pounds, almost 2 dress sizes and 2% body fat (see photo above).

She is a successful and busy, business owner and it’s been a pleasure to coach her virtually.

Emily lives clear across the country from me and she did not step foot in a gym! 

She has had her set backs like most people, but continues to strive for constant and never ending improvement. 

“Although there was a TON of upsets and set backs, and many changes along the way, someone told me that the only way I was going to follow through with these goals was if I had absolute clarity on what I was after and this was the most powerful part. Knowing WHY you are after these goals is truly the most important part because when the going gets tough…. the reasons ??? are going to be what keeps you accountable.” Emily

What’s your WHY? 

Your WHY will give you the clarity you need to make yourself a priority to focus on your needs for life….not just a short tern program.

Do you want sustainable results???

None of my programs are short-term fixes, but I do have a short-term commitment option starting on Monday, April 12th.

The Little Black Dress Project (LBD) is one of my most successful 6 week transformation programs and it’s starting this Monday.

Check out the details here >>>The Little Black Dress Project​ <<<

The Little Black Dress Project​ can help you lose 1-2 dress sizes and look amazing in a Little Black Dress (or whatever color dress you like  ) in just 42 days.

​Not only that, it can help to clear your mind and give you more energy!

You will… 

✅ Get Lean, Tight & Toned ?
✅ Be Able To Do The Project Anytime & Anywhere Given We Are Now Virtual With Our Accountability Coaching, Nutrition & Workouts  ?
✅ Slide Back Into Your Favorite Jeans Again? 
✅ Torch All Your  Unwanted Fat ? 
✅ Firm & Tone Your Butt, Hips & Thighs ? 
✅ Melt Inches From Your Belly ⌛️ 
✅ Speed Up Your Metabolism ? 
✅ Lose Weight While Having Fun ?
✅ Experience A Supportive Community of Like -Minded Women  ?
✅ Not Worry About Covid At Your Local Gym ? 

We have a kickoff meeting tomorrow and I would love for you to attend!

If you have questions or text/call: (650) 514-6679

Talk soon!

Coach Brien

P.S. Check it out >>> The Little Black Dress Project​ <<<

P.S.S. Please share this Project with your girlfriends. We would love to build a supportive, like-minded, online community of women that deserve balance and happiness. ❤️️? ❤️️