How do I know if I’m a good fit?

If you’re fed up with cookie-cutter group classes, solo gym routines, or programs that disregard your needs, Brien Shamp’s Coaching is worth your consideration.

Most of our members are busy professionals over 40, with goals of improving their health. They have no interest in extreme fitness and dietary regimens that attempt to take over their lives.

Rather, our members want to embark on a realistic health & fitness journey tailored to their individual goals, abilities, and schedule. And above all, they want the ongoing guidance of expert coaches instead of attempting to figure everything out alone.

At Brien Shamp’s Coaching, we provide Accountability Coaching, Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies fine-tuned to your goals, schedule, and lifestyle.​ If you’re seeking a supportive, expert-led community where you can thrive at your own pace, our solution may be a great match.