Should I do personal training or group training? 

Here are some key factors to help determine if personal training or group training is a better fit:

Personal Training is ideal if:

  • You have very specific or complex health/fitness goals that require one-on-one attention
  • You need a fully tailored, individualized program to address unique needs or limitations
  • You prefer private sessions and not working out with others around
  • Your schedule demands complete flexibility with scheduling sessions
  • Cost is not a major factor and you prioritize 1-on-1 coaching

Group Training may be better if:

  • You enjoy higher energy, communal workouts with a built-in support network
  • You are self-motivated but still seek structure, social accountability
  • You want feedback and coaching without full personalization
  • You need more flexibility or affordability with scheduling/cost
  • You aim to gain knowledge from team/peer insights and experience

Key factors are your personality fit, motivations, goals complexity, schedule flexibility needs, budget, and health considerations. Assess which environment and coaching level aligns best. Many also use a blend of both for maximum progress.