NRG Ball 4-Minute Workout w/ the Pros

Read Quote from Pro Donnie McGrath & Watch The Training Video Below

“The NRG BALL workout is very challenging. During our 4 minute workout I felt every muscle trembling: Abs, arms, chest, back and my heart rate was pounding as if I was doing a full court sprint.

This was an amazing workout! In only 4 minutes it felt like the equivalent to a 60 minute session. To be honest, I thought you were joking with me when you first said that a 4 minute NRG BALL workout is all you need to get fit. However, now I truly know you were serious as the sweat was pouring off my body and now I am looking forward to the next workout!

Thanks again for the session.”

Donnie Mcgrath
Professional Basketball Player

Watch Video Here


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