Redwood City Boot Camp 1/2/12- 2012 Tough Mudder Training Challenge VIII

Redwood City  Boot Camp 1/2/12- 2012 Tough Mudder Training Challenge VIII

Preparation (15 min)- Perform dynamic warm-up and exercises below to prepare for movement.

Core: Perform 2 rounds of the following and explain importance of planks and stabilization  (if one can plank for at least a minute, every exercise they do will be better)

1.    Plank (60s)

2.    Side Plank (30 s each side)

3.    Prone Modified Superman Hold  (60s Hold)  *Elbows to back pockets

Perform the following workout for 25-30 minutes with your team or coach them when to do the strength exercises on your call. This is a non-stop workout but participants can go at their own speed. There are no cones or stations to set up. Everyone will start either walking/jogging or sprinting and then complete a strength exercise on your call and then back to the walk/jog/sprint. This can be done in or outside. Within the 25-30 min get in 3-4 rounds of the following:

1)    Walk/Jog/Sprint

2)    Commando Push-Ups: 10 *Perform a push up with knee up with rt & lt legs and then roll *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNi9kFFXCdk

3)    Walk/Jog/Sprint

4)    Jump Squats: 10 or Fast Squats: 20 *Start and end with arms overhead on jump squats

5)    Walk/Jog/Sprint

6)    Dips:10 *Shoulders back *Avoid upper traps rising

7)    Walk/Jog/Sprint

8)    Walking Lunges:10 each side *Add Load if tolerated

9)    Walk/Jog/Sprint

10) Tuck Jump: 10 *From a straight arm plank position, place your hands shoulder width apart and your feet together. Jump both your feet in, bringing your knees to your chest and keep your core tight. Jump your feet back out together back to the starting position and repeat. **Trainer Tip: Keep your spine neutral and back flat throughout the movement.

11) Walk/Jog/Sprint

12) Pull-Ups/Fat Man Rows: 10

13) Walk/Jog/Sprint

14) Elbow Crawl or Foam Pit Crawl: 10 Each Side or 1 Pit Crawl

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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