SF Bay Area Fit Body Boot Camp Fundraiser for Haiti

Happy Monday,

To all who attended, those who donated, trainers of the event and our sponsors… thank you for a fun and rewarding event on Saturday 13th. We raised about $1000 for those who are in need of help in Haiti.

We had four workouts for participants to choose and many did more than one. Check out the workouts and video of the event below:

If you still want to donate the deadline is Friday.

Thank you to all our sponsors: Dr. Kniskern, Dr. Michelle Fiore, A Plus Japanese Auto Repair, Dr. Eva Chu, Dr. Carliza Marcos, SF Bay Area Fit Body Boot Camp, Brien Shamp & Mike Salemi.

We did four workouts for our participants:

Workout #1 (2-3 Rounds)-Low Intensity

Walking Lunges-10
Sit-Ups over Ball-15
TRX Row- 15
Bridges with Feet on Ball- 15
BW Squats-15
Push-Up Hold with Feet on Ball-60s Hold

Workout #2 (3-4 Rounds)-Moderate Intensity

Zercher Squat with Barbell-10
Fwd/Back/Side Lunge Combo-3 total reps each leg
Standing Pulley Rows- 10
Push Press with Medicine Ball- 10
Push Ups with Medicine  Ball- 5 each arm

Workout # 3 (4-5 Rounds)- High Intensity

Kettlebell Farmers Walk-30 yards
Burpees with push up-15
Lunges with Medicine  Ball on Shoulder- 10 each leg
Battling Ropes Overhand Alt. Wave- 30 seconds
Wall Ball-15

Workout #4- (5 Rounds)- High Intensity
Tire Flips-10
Jump Rope-50

SF Bay Area Fit Body Boot Camp Workouts are posted daily on the BLOG.

Please add your comments below on the workouts. Keep time of your workouts so you can see how you are progressing. Keep us updated on your improvement.

In Fitness & Health,

Brien Shamp & Mike Salemi
SF Bay Area Fit Body Boot Camp

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