Smart Coffee Stop

There’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself in a coffee shop looking for refreshment at one time or another this summer. It may even be a daily occurrence!

Keep in mind that what you order will directly impact how you look and feel. Remember the story about Metabolic Freaky Teen?

Use these guidelines to order smart:

  • Order something that will cool you off, not weigh you down. This means only drinking beverages that contain little to no sugar.
  • Blended drinks are packed with sugar – making this the worst choice. Imagine that blended coffee drinks are a dessert-in-a-cup – because it will end up stored on your body as quickly as a slice of cheesecake.
  • Unsweetened or lightly sweetened iced tea is an excellent choice.
  • Unsweetened or lightly sweetened iced coffee is also an excellent choice.