Weekly Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Support

We are now offering a new coaching program that is similar to the accountability support we give during our challenges (without the challenge : ) ).

Here is what you will get with the new weekly coaching model:

  1. Weekly Fit3D Body Scan ($50 value) *If out of town, a Renpho Scale will be rec for check-ins
  2. Personal Accountability Coach access 24/7- All you need to do is push a button on your phone and your private connection will contact the coach. The coach will check in with you weekly, daily as needed for support.
  3. Weekly Homework to make sure you stay focused on your needs and goals:
    1. You will send your Fit3D weight & body fat, photos of groceries, photos of meals when dinning out and the #1 thing you are focusing on for the week to your coach.
    2. Access to all challenges and resources based upon your goals and needs.
    3. 15% off on all products (Prestige products are already marked down greater than 15%)

The weekly nutrition & lifestyle coaching program is $41/week and there is a 30 day cancellation.

This has nothing to do with our fitness membership and can be done anywhere in the world. Home/travel workouts can be provided as needed.

To register go here: Weekly Nutrition & Accountability Coaching