Metabolic Typing & Consultation

Has any of the following ever happened to you?

  • You want to lose weight, so you try your best friend’s diet. She lost 35 pounds quickly, but you can’t seem to shed an ounce.
  • Your friend, the vegetarian, thrives on pasta and vegetables and has boundless energy; however, when you imitate this diet, your energy plummets and you can hardly drag yourself out of bed.
  • You eat all the best foods, take only the finest quality supplements, you exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle, yet you still do not feel well.
  • You believe in nutrition, but you have given up on it. You find it impossible to make sense of the confusing and contradictory information flooding the market.

Put an end to the confusion about what diet is right for YOU and which supplements YOU really need. Metabolic Typing is the wave of the future.

One Man’s Food… Is Another Man’s Poison!
Did you know that you are actually very different, biochemically speaking, from every other person who ever was or ever will be? It’s true. Your body’s biochemical makeup is as unique as your fingerprints! For genetic reasons, we are all very different in the way that our bodies process foods and utilize nutrients. Throughout man’s evolutionary history, people all over the world have been forced to adapt to widely varying environmental circumstances including very different climates and food supplies.

As an example, traditional Eskimos thrive on very large quantities of meat and fat, while people born in the tropics stay healthy eating fruits and grains and other light vegetarian fare. For decades, scientists have observed that people who eat according to their genetically based dietary needs have virtually no incidence of cancer, heart disease, or any other degenerative ailments.

Do you know your own unique genetically-based nutritional needs?

Optimize Your Health by Customizing Your Diet
It’s finally here, the breakthrough you have been waiting for! Metabolic Typing is an easy-to-use, proven technology that allows you to rapidly identify your own highly individualized dietary needs. This extraordinary technology represents the combined efforts of some of this century’s leading medical researchers and people who are well known for pioneering achievements in nutritional science. Now you can benefit from this simple system to identify your metabolic type. Then you will know how to select just the right body fuel, foods, food combinations and nutrients that will enable your body to function at peak efficiency.

With this leading edge dietary technology you may:

  • Prevent and reverse chronic illness
  • Optimize your physical energy and your mental clarity
  • Lose weight naturally and maintain your ideal weight
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Slow down the aging process

Eat According To Your Metabolic Type
Over the last two decades, we have witnessed an extraordinary nutrition revolution here in the U.S. Yet, in this time the health of Americans has declined greatly. Obesity, cancer, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, digestive maladies, chronic fatigue; all these problems have reached epidemic proportions.

Our poor health is a direct result of serious dietary deficiencies and imbalances. These problems persist because we have lacked the technology necessary to evaluate and correct nutritional problems on a case-by-case basis. Dietary solutions need to be tailored to individuals, because what works for one person may have no effect on another person, and may make a third person worse.

But that technology is here at last in the form of Metabolic Type Testing. Follow the steps below to get started now:

1. Go to Metabolic Typing and submit your payment of $175 for your Metabolic Typing Test & Results plus a one hour consultation with Brien to review your results.

2. When your purchase is complete, you will receive a link via e-mail to take the online test.

3. Complete the Metabolic Typing test on your computer. Take your time and follow the instructions carefully.

4. After the Questionnaire is completed and submitted, we then send your Metabolic Typing reports to you via email. Your reports will reveal:

  • Your Metabolic Type
  • Your Metabolic Type Diet
  • Your Metabolic Type Supplement Program
  • Lifestyle Recommendations

5. Make an appointment for your consultation with Brien to discuss the results with you.

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Come back periodically to do follow-up testing, monitor your progress and chart your success with your new Metabolic Type Program.

See What Real People Have To Say About Metabolic Typing:

“After turning 30, I started to give my whole health and well being into far more consideration. I started off reading a few books and talking with a few nutritionists. After speaking with the owner, Brien, I felt that his whole energy and focus was on what my goals were and how he would help me achieve them. I took a series of Metabolic Typing nutrition classes and have felt more empowered than ever. Optimal Fitness Lifestyle Center is truly much more than a gym, it’s more like a path to a better life.”-Kashwan R.

“Brien’s Metabolic Typing Program was really informative and opened my eyes to new things that can directly affect my training and recovery process. I recommend this program to everyone, athlete or not. Thanks Brien!”– Sho N.

“Brien is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about optimal nutrition, and it shows in this metabolic typing seminar. I would absolutely recommend it to anybody who wants to improve their overall nutrition and body performance.– Sebby S.

“Brien is a wealth of information on the metabolic typing program and provides it in an entertaining and easy to understand format. He helps you through the process. I feel healthier. I lost 4 pounds and have a better understanding of what foods make feel better.– Bradley P. , DDS

“Prior to this course, I was having digestive issues and major energy level fluctuations throughout the day. After Brien’s instruction, I was able to determine the proper foods to eat and now the digestive problems are gone for the most part and energy levels are consistent throughout the day.”– Peter D.

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Now you can look and feel far better than you ever thought possible. If you need more information on Metabolic Typing, the nutritional science for the next millennium contact me today.