?? Memorial Day Announcement ??


We will once again honor a decade + long tradition of honoring those who have given their lives to give us the freedoms we STILL enjoy every day with a FREE Community Virtual Memorial Day Workout.

​It will be a workout that will honor those who have given their lives for the rest of us to live lives of freedom in the greatest country in the world.​​

As usual, this workout will be hard as you want to make it and there will be plenty of modifications if you have injuries or limitations.

You will burn fat. You will have fun with a community of like-minded people

Here are the details:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 335 439 322
Passcode: Workout1

Monday, May 31st – Memorial Day  8 am

You! And your family and friends!

Click on the Zoom Link, Turn On Your Video, Workout, Burn Fat and Have A Great Time!

-Coach Brien Shamp

PS: The fun starts Monday @  8 am- everyone is invited and it is 100% free.

PPS:  ​Check out our word of the week- SURRENDER

Coach Brien