10 Day Detox Blood Pressure Success

 “Hi Brien, So that you have an idea of where I was at…I have been working on getting my BP down for about 7 months now, and having have gone down from 140’s/90’s to 128-134/80’s. I thought that meds were just around the corner for me…after the detox, it is around 117/74-77. I was shocked! I couldn’t be more pleased. I know I have been diuresising possibly from all of the fruits, vegetables and fluid I have been consuming, but has given me the hope that I can still get my BP to somewhat normal level. I am hoping I can still continue having lower BP’s after I am done with the detox. I feel this is just the beginning…=) Thanks Brien!!!”


For more information on the 10 Day Detox go to https://brienshamp.com/10-day-detox-program/