Word of the Week: RESPONSIBILITY


The word of the week is Responsibility.

responsibility is a duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task.

Right now during this pandemic, it is more important than ever to take responsibility of your health & wellness.

Are you making your 7 Daily Primal Needs a priority?

I used to coach gym owners around the world for Gym Launch. Gym Launch has 5 Core Habits and one of the habits is to take Full Responsibility ALWAYS!

Full Responsibility Theory (Source: Gym Launch 5 Core Habits)

  • There are no excuses.
  • Everything is always your fault.
  • Your actions are the only thing you can control.
  • When you take 100% responsibility, you get out of the victim mindset and see solutions.
  • “We are all self-made, only millionaires and billionaires own it.”

Be honest with yourself right now….

How’s life going?

Where can you take more responsibility to improve your life?

This week take responsibility in an area you want to level up!!!

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Have a great week!

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