Weekly Weigh In

For those who want to lose weight and body fat, I would like for you to “weigh in” each Saturday or Monday morning before workouts to help keep you accountable and committed to your goals

It will also help us fine tune your program based upon real numbers instead of guessing where you are.

The weigh in will be done at your main boot camp location with the same Renpho scale each week.

Here is the scale we are using for weekly weigh ins–> Renpho

*Download the app on your smartphone when you can. Most should choose the standard mode unless you are an athlete.

It is very important you follow the ideal protocol below so you get accurate measurements.

Measurement Protocols

  • Drink 2-3 glasses of water daily but especially prior to testing.
  • Go to the bathroom and void as much as possible prior to testing.
  • Avoid caffeine prior to testing.
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to taking the test.
  • Do not exercise within 4 hours prior to taking the test.
  • It is important to weigh yourself at the same time of day each time in order to get reliable and consistent results. It is best to test after waking before food intake.
  • Females, do not test during menstrual cycle, it will not be accurate. The measurement will be affected by where you are in your cycle.
  • Flying prior to testing will also throw off numbers.
  • Another aspect that could aid the accuracy is if you place your scales on a flat service in a room with stable temperature. This will aid the validity of the results when taking the test.

Body Fat Testing Tutorial

Starting 11/19/2018, we will be using the Renpho scale instead of the Omron. Just download the app and step on the scale. Be sure to follow the hydration protocol for best results.

See the video below.

What you measure you can change!

Your friend & coach,


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