2015 75-Day Holiday Transformation Challenge Winners

Congratulations to all of our finalists for the 2015 75-Day Transformation Challenge. See all 12 finalists here: 2015 Finalists

This was another tough challenge to pick a winner because I have seen most of these finalists for the last 75 days and some for a few years. Luckily, I had a judging panel to help choose the winners and they also had a tough time.

These folks are finalists and have had huge transformations for a reason. This challenge was their FOCUS!

While others were focused on temporary satisfaction from food and alcohol over the holidays, these folks were committed to their goals during the most challenging time of the year (Oct.-Dec.). They committed to the weekly workouts, getting sleep, learning about the right foods for their success and made this process a lifestyle.

When you see the winners below, keep in mind that this is not a “weight loss” contest, but a fat loss and lifestyle improvement challenge. Winners are chosen based on scores in the following three areas (all areas are of equal importance):

  1. Visual appearance transformation (before & after photos) = 33%
  2. Body composition measurements (before & after) = 33%
  3. Written essay that describes your transformation experience = 33%

A finalist may have had a great visual appearance transformation, but the measurements and essay of another finalist could have been better. Some of the finalists had scores deducted due to missing information, photos and essay.

Lastly, the winners of this challenge were also selected because of their results between October -December 2015. Two of our finalists had outstanding results in the last three years, but there were others who scored better in this time period.

Okay, enough of the background stuff 🙂

Our winners are…

1st place: Karlanda  – $1000 PrizeKarlanda

2nd place: Lucy  – $500 Prize


3rd place: Tracy  – $200 Prize (Just Because)


Bonus Prize: Joe  – $200 Prize – This prize was based upon a random drawing for all participants who completed the process.


Bill and Erin are both awarded a free month at Shamp’s Boot Camps.

The other finalists will receive a massage at Bua Thai in San Mateo.

Again, you can see all the finalists here: 2015 Finalists

Check out Karlanda’s essay below and you can get an idea of her obstacles and strategies to win this challenge:

I cannot “weight” this out any longer

I hate taking pictures always have. But I was forced to take one after I lost my driver’s license.  When I received the DL in the mail the photo was a picture of my mother!!!  WHAT??? I have now become my mother, double chin and all.  I love my mother but she is 24 years older than I am!!!!!

I started to think what happened!!!  When did I stop wearing skinny jeans??? The last time I remember was four years ago.  I now only wear skirts that stretched and when I was not wearing them I was in the ever forgiving leggings.  They always fit no  matter what size you are.  Okay, time for a change… I have always had my 24 Hour membership so I decided to finally put it to use.  But I would never get on that dreaded scale and was not motivated to go more than 2-3 times a week. Thinking to myself at least you are going to the gym but still eating whatever I wanted.  “Hey you have to live” I would tell myself.  Who wants to just work out and not enjoy life? RIGHT!

But nothing happen in fact I was getting bigger.  I started to think about plastic surgery and maybe ordering some steroids something because I swear I am not even eating that much and I AM going to the gym, but all I see in the mirror are the signs of a tired older woman with flabby arms, stomach and that same old double chin.

Then I joined Brien Shamp’s Boot Camp and although the weight was not coming off as fast as I wanted I now enjoyed going to the gym for the first time.  Everyone was so positive and encouraging. I looked forward to coming and soon I became a regular, but still not getting on that dreaded scale and still eating whatever whenever I wanted.  I saw the Transformation programs Brien offered come and go but never joined until this time.  I told myself I need something to hold me accountable so I joined “Brien Shamp’s 75-Day Holiday Transformation Transformation Challenge.  “I’m tired of feeling depressed about how I look.”  “I cannot stand this weight any longer!”

I almost backed out because what was the first thing you have to do?  That is right… get on that dreaded scale, the scale that I have avoided for years!!!  But I did it and now 75 days later and I feel very proud of myself.  I never entered into this transformation to win the prize but just to push myself and hold myself accountable.  My results below has given me the motivation that I can do this, I will do this and I am not giving up till I reach my goal.

  •     My weight has decreased from 166.8 to 156.7= down 10 pounds (my goal is still 136 lbs.)
  •     My BMI decreased from 46.7 to 40.4 = down 6%

My results below came from your trainers’ encouragement, fun, laughter, sweat and also by:

  • Attending Brien’s Boot Camp 5 times/week
  • Remember these workouts are for me and I am the priority
  • Workout hard and make the most of each workout
  • Don’t let the small pains keep you from achieving your goals
  • Support each other and encourage the newbies and the regulars
  • Setting goals and check on the progress once a week at class. Log progress.
  • Stick to the nutrition plan
  • No dairy, grains or sugar
  • Drink lots and lots of water
  • Know that if I eat or drink something that might not be in the plan that is not “the end” but I have get back in there and continue the race. I cannot say enough wonderful things about your bootcamp. The variety keeps me interested, and I am never bored.  I plan on moving to San Jose but I am still coming to “MY” bootcamp. This is now a way of life for me, and your bootcamp is family. Thank you thank you thank you Brien, Shannon, Mike, Gerard and Tonya for encouraging me along the way. I still have a very long way to go and I know you all will be there for my next 10-20 lbs loss.  I would have not been able to do this without your support and positive energy.

Karlanda’s struggle should be a familiar one to many.  She finally found an exercise program she enjoyed, avoided the scale and “ate whatever, whenever she wanted.” She eventually hit her breaking point, took action and the rest his history!

I will highlight the other eleven finalists in blog posts over the next few months.

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Please add your comments below and share these transformations with others!

Your friend & coach,


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