My Top 4 Recommended Fat Loss Products From Prestige Labs…And How To Take Them

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I just did a short video on my top 4 recommended products from Prestige Labs for fat loss (especially around the belly), weight loss and performance.

Prestige calls it the Fast Bundle:

In the video below I review how to take the products also.

*Very important- Only take a scoop of PRE & INTRA 3x per week on the most challenging workouts.

This will make the product last longer (30 days vs 15 days). For our workouts take it on MWF. T & Th are our recovery days.

For those yet to purchase, its already discounted for our clients and staff if you get the bundle here:

If you choose the subscribe & save model it is an even better deal. To cancel all you need is 5 days notice-you will reach out to their customer support.

I recorded my online zoom nutrition consultation for the 28 Day Belly Blaster below if you want more. In  the video I go into depth on the nutrition strategies and gave an overview of all the Prestige Labs products.

For information on the other Prestige Labs products check out the video below:

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