Are you interested in being a beta tester for my NEW 42 Day Detox Program?

Happy Friday!

How’s the 1st quarter of 2019 going?

How’s your sleep and exercise? What nutrition plan are you following these days?

​if you are following something…Is it working?

My wife, Chris and I have never felt better and we are both in the best shape of our lives, thanks to Dr. Kashey (Dr. K is in the middle of Chris and I in the photo).

I have doing coaching with Dr. Kashey for the last 5 months and we created the NEW 42 Day Detox​.

When I did my Master’s thesis back in 1999 (after 9 years of being a personal trainer) I thought exercise was the key to weight loss, fat loss, improved health & vitality.

Why, because I liked exercise and everything I read said it was the key to increasing your metabolism and health.

​After reviewing almost every exercise and nutrition study related to weight and fat loss in those days, the solution became very clear…

What you eat has a dramatic effect on your weight & fat loss results and food intake is the key variable that must be addressed!!!

My research changed my focus forever.

There are many benefits of exercise and we get outstanding results in our group personal training, HOWEVER; and unfortunately exercise by itself is not the key to weight loss, fat loss and amazing transformations 🙁

Almost every before and after photo you see including my clients was the result of a change in lifestyle to reduce overall stress.

Some involved exercise, but ALL involved a change in nutrition habits.

So, how do you change your habits?

Now that is a loaded question with millions of different thoughts and opinions.

To keep it simple for my clients, I like to focus on education and awareness.

I have worked with thousands of people over the last 29 years (1800 last year alone with our challenges) and what I have learned, which you probably already know is that we really don’t listen to each other (especially our own family members).

We don’t really trust one another’s opinions and we tend to think we already know the answers.

We need to have pain or obstacles to be open to change.

I find the above true even with my clients that pay me to help them. Those that listen and are coachable, generally have more pain and have given up being in control.

One of my successful strategies for CHANGE I adopted about 19 years ago was detoxification programs and elimination diets (to assist with the awareness of food allergies, intolerance’s, sensitivities and reactivity’s).

These are short term programs designed to bring about a temporary change in habits, and with the right coaching they often provide NEW beliefs and permanent lifestyle changes, resulting in NEW outcomes (RESULTS)!

Please note, detoxification programs without the right coaching (assisting with education and awareness of the client) do not result in long term habit changes.There is a process to this and most could use the support.

My most successful program to date has been my 6 week transformation challenge.

​We had better results in the last 2 years than in my first 27 years combined!!! Check out some of the success stories here:

The big differentiator in the last 2 years was due to the added accountability we now give our clients. We provide massive education & support every step of the way!

Prior to the 6 week challenge our 21 Day Detox Program often resulted in a 50-75% reduction of their complaints and a loss of 5-20 pounds. However, we didn’t have the structures in place to make these changes sustainable.

​Now we do!

Although these programs have been great and changed the lives of thousands of people, I am always looking for new faster and better ways to improve health and fitness for myself, my family and my clients.

We now have the NEW 42 Day Detox​ that combines the work Dr. Kashey has been doing and my past 19 years of doing detox programs and the 6 week challenge.

We have already had 2 groups start the 42 Day Detox and we are starting two more groups on April 1st and 8th.

If you want the feeling of a fresh start on life I would love to have you as one of our Beta Testers in the NEW 42 Day Detox​ <<< Click Here To Learn More.

Given this program is new, I am looking for more people beta test the program.

I generally have my coaching team do the support, but if you start with us on April 1st or 8th I will be your personal coach and reach out to you most days of the week to make sure you are doing what you need to do to get the best results possible.

​I normally charge $150/hour for coaching support, which will be waived for this program.

​Please only apply if you are committed to making an massive change and providing feedback at the end of the challenge. 

I guarantee I will uphold my end of support. I just need your commitment!

This program can be done anywhere in the world. We have the technology!

Learn more about the program here:  NEW 42 Day Detox​ ​

I hope to have you join the program and I look forward to your feedback.

Feel free to call me with questions @ 650-654-4604.