Coach Brien Shamp’s Be Better Virtual BONUS Home Cardio & Strength Workout 5/28/22

Today’s workout can be viewed here: https://app.arketa.co/bebettertoday/on-demand/checkout/RvQlM4KJ7cf0YpQCdPKM

Warm-up prior to workout.

W A R M U P  B L O C K

Cardio: 6 min

Zone 1: 2 min

Zone 2: 2 min

Zone 3: 2 min

Stretch: 5 min

Kneeling Hip Stretch: 5-10
World’s Greatest Stretch: 5x each

Cat Cow-5 x

Downward Dog- 30s

Trunk Rotation Stretch

Fig 4 Bridges: 10 each


Cardio: 8 min

Zone 2: 2 min

Zone 3-4: 20s Work 10s Rest x8

Zone 2: 2 min

Core Strength: 10 min (3 rounds)
Supine Stability Ball/Glider Leg Curls x 10-12-15 Reps

Prone Stability Ball/Glider Pikes x 10-12-15 Reps

Ball Russian Twist 10-12-15 Reps

Ball Lower Ab Curl 10-12-15 Reps

Cardio:  6 min

Zone 2: 2 min

Zone 3-4: 20s Work 10s Rest x8

Supplemental Strength:  6 min (3 rounds)
DB Front Raises x 10 Reps

DB Lateral Raises x 10 Reps

DB Reverse Flys x 10 Reps

DB Biceps Curls x 10 Reps

Stretch: 5 min

I hope that you get a chance to give this workout a try soon.

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