MOVE & Transform Challenge Testimonials


“These achievements all snuck up on me this week and I am thrilled to share:
After 6 months and 100 sessions, I see 6” gone in my waist ?, 3” on hips, sprint Spartan, and my a-fib heart is stronger than ever and steady on. Woohoo! Dreaming up the next goal now! ?

I’m loving this challenging journey of health & fitness learning. My pantry sure looks different now! Thank you Brien Shamp and the Bootcamp Family for all your encouragement and support!.”

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!”
-Meg Roundy.

“I just completed my 2nd round of 6 weeks challenge (a year apart)! I am extremely grateful for such a supportive coaching team that motivated me to do my best. Not only was I able to learn to make better food choices, lose weight & body fat but even more so, I gained energy & feeling mentally/physically stronger.”
-Tiffanie N.

“I got to know Brian’s bootcamp just by chance. I saw a video someone posted on FB. The Belmont bootcamp is by my neighborhood. So I decided to take a look. When I got there, I was totally into the challenge idea and without any hesitation, I signed up the 6-weeks challenge. I am very determined and lost 2% body fat after the 1st week. But the whole process is not easy, I need to do everything I can and double my workout in the last week of challenge to meet my goal, lost 5% body fat. But I did it. I feel I gained so much in the bootcamp: making friends, getting mentor on health, getting fit. Moreover, I feel good about myself not only from how I look, but also how I work hard to overcome all other difficulties in life to reach my goal. I learnt about keeping priority straight, focus, relaxing,and not-giving-up. It changed my life. I feel I got better control of myself and my life again. I would highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who want to live healthy or lose weight. You will learn yourself and made good connection there. Last quote to people who wants to do exercise and live healthy:”You can steal my stuff, but you can not steal my health soul, because it doesn’t come for free and you gotta work hard for it”
-Carol L.

Burlingame Fit Body Boot Camp is a great gym

“Burlingame Fit Body Boot Camp is a great gym located close to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) owned by coach extraordinaire, Brien Shamp. I have been a member of the Fit Body Boot Camp family for over two years and lost 90 pounds because the Afterburn strength and cardio workout plus nutrition program are effective and fun. I highly recommend Brien Shamp’s Boot Camps, Personal Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching and this Burlingame Fit Body Boot Camp location. Contact Burlingame Fit Body Boot Camp to try out a class and tell them that Napa Fit Girl (me, Elizabeth Smith) sent you. Becoming a Fit Body Boot Camp member is the best decision you will make for yourself.”
-Elizabeth Smith.

Thank you Brien!

“I started Brien’s Bootcamp about 2 years ago. Every coach has helped me work harder and longer than I ever would on my own, resulting in increased stamina and strength. My range of motion/chronic pain issues have improved without further injury. In addition to physical coaching, Brien encourages attention to goals/motivation in other areas. While my main concern centered on mobility and pain reduction, I happily lost weight and a pant size. I keep at it because working out regularly is a definite mood booster. If I had only learned that sooner. Thank you Brien!”
-Patty M.

I walked in 6 weeks desperate but skeptical

“I walked in 6 weeks desperate but skeptical. I’d been very successful with diets but life happened and now I was out of shape and over the recommended BMI. My friend had been doing FBBC and she looked amazing. She raved about her new lifestyle, and I thought “Here goes nothing”. I hate gyms and I can’t do a push-up to save my life. But the workouts are fast – 35 minutes and the intervals not too long, so even having to modify everything at first and then still some weeks later, you are making progress. The coaches and the fellow members are always supportive, never shaming, everyone’s at a different stage of the game. The 6 week challenge diet is NSNG, but even coming from a nothing but carb diet not too restrictive if you have the right mindset. I never thought I could do it (well, 1/2 way in when I noticed my clothes were loose, I did), but I lost 6.6 lbs, 7.8% body fat, and 5.7 inches off my natural waist (whatever that is). I’ve got a little more to lose, but I’m hooked!”
-Amy N.
Foster City, CA


“I just completed the Brien Shamp 6 week challenge and it was fun and effective. I lost 8.5 lb and about 4.5-5 percent body fat. There is no secret sauce or weight loss – change your diet and exercise. But what makes this program stand out – is the personalized suggestions in terms of diet and exercises. Over the course of this 6 weeks – brien was always accessible and he invests the time in understanding your concerns and providing suggestions! The work outs are only 35 min long but they are really effective! Special call out to the coaches (Leslie, Bintu, Drew, Rolo ,Gerald) who take an effort to correct your form during the workout and give suggestions! You have people like Cheryle checking in on you to make sure you are. It lost during the course of this 6 week. Over the course I took see a difference in my energy level, able to pick up heavier weights and improving flexibility in my body! I intend to sign up for a membership and continue the workouts there!”
Swathi S.
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Maybe I can roll back another 5 years!

“I have always been a pretty active and fit person in general, and didn’t need to do much to maintain that until my mid 30s. Then suddenly, despite exercising several times a week and eating right, I was gaining weight. Nothing was working! I was frustrated and depressed. I needed outside help, and I found that with Brien Shamp’s program. I loved the workouts! Tough and challenging, but a lot of fun. They guide you through their diet, which was hard for the first week, I ended up liking that too. It’s helped me to develop better eating habits and eat more veggies, something I didn’t do much of before. You are assigned a coach to answer questions and give advice throughout the program as well. It’s been 6 weeks and I’ve lost about 5% body fat, and I’m back to where I was at 30. I’m going to continue… Maybe I can roll back another 5 years!”
Kristen J.
Redwood City, CA

I highly recommend Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp.

“I joined Brien Shamp Fit body boot camp 3 years ago. This year I joined a 6 week challenge, just 3 months after giving birth to my little one and I am happy to say I’ve lost 14 lbs and 5% body fat. These 6 weeks have been life changing and challenging, dealing with post postpartum depression, I didn’t want to leave my house or even have the energy to go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. The challenge has truly helped me. I am out more often, I socialize a bit more and I cleaned up my diet, made it to the gym 4x a week, sometimes 6 Thank you to the wonderful coaches for checking in and keeping me on check through this journey. I couldn’t of done it with out you. I highly recommend Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp.”
Eliana A.
San Mateo, CA

I lost 21 pounds and 3% body fat during Brien Shamp’s 6 Week Challenge!

“I lost 21 pounds and 3% body fat during Brien Shamp’s 6 week challenge! The goal was to lose 20 lbs or 5% body fat. It certainly was a challenge! With the constant support of my accountability coach, I was determined to do the hard work. When things got rough during the 3rd week, my coach was there to help me get back on track to WIN. This was my second challenge, during my first challenge I lost 17 lbs and 3% bf. Certainly, a huge accomplishment! Since joining Brien Shamp’s Boot Camp in June 2017, I have lost a total of 40 lbs and surprising 12 inches off my belly. I recommend the 6 week challenge to anyone wanting to jump start their weight loss and fitness goals! Great Support. Great community!”
Leslie C.
San Mateo, CA

There will never be a perfect time to start, but you might as well start now!

“I decided to take on Brien’s 6 Week Challenge because I saw my mom go through it and get great results. I had the hallucination that I would be the only college student in the boot camp, but was sorely mistaken. This challenge is for everyone, no matter what path of life you’re on. I lost 12.9 pounds and 6.2% body fat.”
Giorgi T.
Merced, CA

I highly recommend the 6 week challenge and boot camp!

“I had been looking for a program to help me as I had gained weight over the past 2 years working from home and was struggling to lose it as well as keep it off. I had always been an active person and enjoyed exercising. My diet, on the other hand, was a completely different story! While I was able to get by when I was younger, my horrible diet finally caught up with me. I joined Brien’s 6 week challenge in hopes of not only being able to fit into my skinny jeans again, but to also adopt a healthier lifestyle, diet, and mindset. I really needed the accountability too as being accountable to myself was not enough! The challenge has truly been life changing. I was most nervous about the nutrition part, but with the coaches’ and community’s help and recommendations, it was not as difficult as I had originally thought! I was able to enjoy “sweets” that were challenge approved – this is extremely helpful for someone who loves sweets! The change in diet resulted in much less bloat, which felt great! Then, while I didn’t need “help” with exercising, I have really enjoyed the group training sessions. Brien is constantly mixing things up, keeping it interesting, and keeping your muscles guessing! I actually wake up early to attend class (I’m NOT a morning person), and it feels great afterwards knowing you already accomplished so much before 8am! I also love that he has added a weekly yoga session, a perfect supplement to the other workouts. You definitely break a sweat in yoga, but you also get an opportunity to slow down and be present in the moment! I have made significant progress over the past 6 weeks, and I am looking forward to continuing my path with Brien et al, to a leaner, stronger, and healthier self! I highly recommend the 6 week challenge and boot camp!”
Catherine P.
Redwood City, CA

During my six week challenge I lost 7.8% body fat and 11.2 pounds and I was already consistently going to the gym.

“Just finished my 6 week challenge and I just wanted to express how grateful and appreciative I am for my experience at Brien Shamp boot camp gym. I have never undergone such a huge change not only in my physical appearance and my mental well-being. This process and challenge has truly changed my life. The people were absolutely fantastic the program is amazing and the most important thing of all if you follow the program you will 100% get results. During my six week challenge I lost 7.8% body fat and 11.2 pounds and I was already consistently going to the gym. So, if you would like to change your life for the better and feel better about yourself you should consider giving the six week challenge a try! The people the advice the one on one training is an absolute game changer.
Tk you Brien Shamp and Cheryle Matteo. You guys are amazing!”
Ana Judith B.
San Mateo, CA

If you decide to invest in yourself, the Brien Shamp Boot Camp is sure to deliver excellent results!

“With a hint of trepidation I made my way in for a consultation with Cheryle at the Brien Shamp Boot Camp. Knowing I was heading away from my best self, I agreed to launch full throttle into the parameters of the challenge: work out at least three times per week (30 minute sessions each) and follow the nutrition guidelines. The diet is not one program in particular, but a hodgepodge the owner has been refining over the course of his two decade’s career. The basics of the plan: you avoid grains, sugars, most forms of dairy, and eat plenty of vegetables and quality animal proteins. The program provides guidelines for portion parameters during the challenge and reassures participants they should never be hungry. If we are hungry, we have neglected to plan appropriately for our day.

Once connected within the challenge community, new boot campers have full access to informative videos, a multitude of recipes, a virtual and gym community of fellow challengers and instant access to coaches and the owner as questions arise. If you are ready to get your health back on track, this is a great option for either a launch or a new lifestyle habit. Many people continue to benefit from the thoughtful exercise program long after completing a challenge and reap more and more benefits the longer they sustain their commitment to health. If you decide to invest in yourself, the Brien Shamp Boot Camp is sure to deliver excellent results.”

Brie H.
Redwood City, CA

I lost 12 pounds, 5% body fat and 2 pant sizes!!!

“I’ve been attending Brien Shamp Fit Body Boot Camp regularly for the last 3 years but recently joined his 6 week challenge and can happily report positive results. I lost 12 pounds, 5% body fat and 2 pant sizes!!! It’s definitely a lifestyle change, not just a nutrition plan. Brien’s encouragement, leadership & expertise has made it a positive and successful experience for me! Thanks to Brien, Adriana & Bill for keeping me in check and encouraging me along the way!
YES, highly recommended!”
Cindy M.
San Mateo, CA

A holistic approach to fitness and wellness

“I absolutely love coming to boot camps every morning – I leave energized and ready for the day. There are modifications for all fitness levels, and it has been so rewarding to see myself get stronger each week. After finishing my first 6-week challenge, I am so happy with my results and definitely see it as a starting point for a complete lifestyle change. I love that the program takes a holistic approach to fitness and wellness, and have loved being part of such a supportive community.”
Jessica W.
Central San Mateo, San Mateo, CA

Lots of encouragement and support!

“What a fun group of coaches! Lots of encouragement and support, they make comments and suggestions that are specific to each person, which tells me that they take the time to get to know everyone individually. Their instructions are clear and they give different variations depending on your strength and ability. I never felt ashamed or embarrassed when I started out. At one point during my first session, I was so out of shape that I had to sit for a moment to catch my breath and I didn’t feel like anyone was judging me. I felt safe and valued. I haven’t had any regrets since I started & I’m so thankful to have found something that works for me. I’m sure it will work for anyone.”
Emilyn C.
Daly City, CA

I learned how to put myself as a priority!

“First, I would like to thank you all for your support.
I had a great experience during the 6 week challenge at Brien Shamp Boot Camp. I signed up because I was focused on losing weight. During those 6 weeks, I learned how to put myself as a priority, how to eat healthy, what to eat and when to eat. I did exercise 5 x per week and I did it because I trusted all the information that Brien, his team of coaches offered to me. I also requested some tips from Brien and other coaches from Burlingame/San Mateo and I put it in practice. I wanted to win, not just to lose weight, but I wanted to prove myself that I can finish what I started. My workout time was at 8:20 am in San Mateo/Burlingame. A great class and coaches.”
My Initial weight 278.7
End of Challenge weight 237.7
Body fat loss 5.2%
Weight loss 41 pounds
Juan L.
San Mateo, CA

Not just a boot camp, but a life changing experience!

“(Excuse the long review- just thought it would be good to share what a resource this place is!)
Overall amazing program. This is not just a boot camp, but a life changing experience. Brien is extremely knowledgeable, and an endless wealth of information about working out, life style changes, massage, diet, physical therapy etc etc etc. What also amazes me, is how accessible he is to give you one-on-one advice even though he had thousands of clients! I did the 6 week challenge and was in touch with him multiple times a week. The trainers are all amazing- I went mostly to the Burlingame location and Tonya, Kyle, Gerald, Travis are all amazing coaches! They also have a Sunday morning yoga session each week that’s included with the program–great for all those sore muscles!

Just to give you all an idea of how life changing-I began the challenge two weeks before a scheduled hand surgery, at a point where just picking up a pen and writing for more than 30 seconds was difficult for me. I have carpel tunnel and severe nerve damage that the doctors said would be “irreversible” if I don’t do the surgery asap. Fast forward six weeks, and all the strength and flexibility training has made me stronger and my grip strength has drastically improved. Let’s just say I just cancelled my surgery because I feel that much better! So glad I decided to become stronger instead of “resting” as my doctor recommended. I have lost a considerable amount of body fat, and feel so much more energetic overall. I do a lot of outdoor activities, and I can already tell the difference in my endurance levels. Thank you so very much to everyone at Brien Shamp’s Bootcamp that made it possible!”
Luka D.
Burlingame, CA

I’ve learned so much in 6 weeks.

“First let me say, losing weight is no walk in the park. You have to put in the work and believe in yourself. 6 weeks ago I started the 6 week challenge with a goal of losing 20 pounds. I was very skeptical. I tried everything… diets and daily gym workouts, couldn’t lose a pound for the life of me. Brien Shamp’s Boot Camp is more than daily workouts, you’re educated on nutrition and what to eat to get the results you desire. They provide an accountability coach to check in with you weekly. I’ve learned so much in 6 weeks. From nutrition to form correction to self awareness to never giving up. I hit my goal and working out and eating right became my day to day norm. I feel so much better about myself. Seriously if you are looking to change your life for the better, Brien Shamp’s Boot Camp is the place for you. The coaches here are amazing and very supportive. I am a healthier me and I couldn’t have asked for a bett”
Khoula L.
Westlake, Daly City, CA

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