Be Better Today Thursday Core~Cardio Recovery Workout (9/29/22)

Warm-up prior to workout.

Alternate the following 5 Core~Cardio Stations two Exercises at a time for 30s each with 10s Rest between for 4 sets.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 30s Work, 10s Rest, 8 Sets, 30s Transition Time after each Completing all 8 Sets*

**Heart Rate Monitor Zone: 3-5. Get the heart rate up during this time to an anaerobic zone (non-conversational intensity). Zones 4-5 are generally anaerobic zones. Zone 3 is an aerobic zone. Encourage clients to work in zones 4 & 5 for 10 minutes or more as tolerated**

  1. Stability Ball Prisoner Lower Ab March or Supine Lower Ab Heel Tap: *Hands Interlaced behind Head – Open Elbows *Lower Back supported by Ball *Crunch Up *Walk back to make harder *Bring Knees Up & Down *Do your best to maintain Stability *Modification: Russian Twist with Head on Ball *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically
  2. Cardio: Icky Shuffle: *Relaxed heels *Breathe rhythmically
  3. Stability Ball Supine Bridge w. Leg Ext (Alt. Legs) or Supine Bridges w. Leg Ext: *Head on Ball if you have Ball *Extend Legs *Keep Hips Up & Level *Feet together at start should be easier *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically
  4. Cardio: Forward Two-Backwards Two: *Move laterally with relaxed heels *Breathe rhythmically
  5. Kneeling MB/KB/Weighted Object Seated Figure 8 Rotations: *Sit Tall *Rotate MB between Legs *Rotate from Core *Feet Off Ground if able *Modify by grabbing Knees to Chest if Back Hurts or if Back Pain is common *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically
  6. Cardio: Hop Scotch w. 1 Foot : *Move with Relaxed Heels *Breathe rhythmically
  7. Stability Ball Crunches or Supine Chops: *Draw belly in toward the spine the whole time *Inhale on the way down and exhale, with Kegel contraction (squeeze & lift of pelvic floor – should feel bladder & sphincter engaging) on the way up – Keep Belly in for added Stability
  8. Cardio: Jump Rope/Imaginary Jump Rope: *Relax Heels *Modify without Rope
  9. DB//Band/Light Object 1 Arm D2 Pattern (Low to High Diagonal Pattern) (15s  Each Side): *Use 3-15 lbs *Keep arm straight *Full body movement – movement starts from ankle > knee > hip > trunk > arm *Finish with shoulder in external rotation, thumb pointing away from body *Rotate from mid-section *Inhale with rib cage expansion/belly relaxed on the way down and exhale, drawing in of the belly and Kegel contraction (squeeze & lift of pelvic floor – should feel bladder & sphincter engaging) on the way up
  10. Cardio: Squat Hold w. Alt. Side Step (Mini-band around knees): *Eyes Straight Ahead *Lift Collar Bones *Hands Towards Opp. Foot *Breathe rhythmically

I hope that you get a chance to give this workout a try soon.

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