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There is something about Success that is contagious. You gotta see some of these Success Stories here: Success

Why are some people successful and others are not? Every program has success but do the results last? The research says that most programs do not work.

Why do some people do the same exercise program and eat the same foods for years and expect a different result? INSANITY

I used to be INSANE also 🙂
I thought exercising 25 hours a week would be enough to flatten my abs and be healthy. I thought I knew what exercises would help me achieve the lean look I wanted. I thought I learned the right foods I needed for my body. After all, I had years of education-Bachelors Degree in Biomechanics, Graduate School in Exercise Physiology, numerous nutrition courses, years of training experience with thousands of people and of course observing and reading body builders in all the magazines.

Boy was I wrong! I was told about a Detox Program many years ago that changed my life forever.  After only a few weeks, I was new and improved.
I decreased the body fat in my abdominal region significantly and could see my abs for the first time. I didn’t have gas or the bloated feeling I was used to having on a daily basis because I learned which foods were creating my symptoms. I now recover better from exercise with minimal aches & pains. In addition, I feel I can comprehend information better because my mind is now clear.

Here is the crazy thing…my results had nothing to do with exercise, which is exactly what the research says. According to a 2009 Time Magazine article (based upon years of research), not only does exercise not work for fat loss and weight reduction, but it actually increases the likelihood of weight gain: Time Magazine

Given my fast and safe success with the Detox Program, I recommend that almost everyone incorporate a cleanse or detoxification program one-two times per year given the stress we encounter in our environment on a daily basis. We will never be free of toxins, but we can surely be more efficient at eliminating toxins. Besides the elimination of toxins, you will develop intuitive eating, which will allow you to understand which foods are your poisons and which foods make you feel your best.

I have witnessed what some believe to be miracles with this simple program. Check out the some of the success stories: Success

I have had a lot of successful programs, but the  21 Day Detox Program is truly life changing. I love teaching Boot Camps and the results are amazing; however, if you are ready for a change in your health and your life, nothing compares to the 21 Day Detox Program (of course doing them both would be ideal).

This program typically results in 5-10 pounds of weight loss for females and 10-15 pounds lost for males. It is always easier for the males (Sorry ladies). In addition, other benefits include: better sleep, energy, less cravings for sugar, increased focus, less digestive complaints, decreased moodiness, reduced waistline and more.

There will be a Group Introduction next Wednesday, June 15th @ 6:30 pm at my private studio in Belmont. *If you can’t make the group meetings based upon your schedule or you live out of the area, we will communicate over the phone, via the web or e-mail.

30 spots will be available for this New Group 21 Day Detox Program.

For more details go here: 21 Day Detox Program.

Receive $50 OFF if you register by June 13th!

Please forward this e-mail to your friends and family members, as this is sure to help them also.

If you have any questions just reply to this email or call me at  650-654-4604

This program is going to sell out to those that take action and commit to a life changing experience.  Be sure to go to this site for more information 21 Day Detox

Only 30 Spots Available.

Looking forward to seeing you as my next Success Story!





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