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If you are looking to lose body fat, here is where you will find out how to do it and keep it off. I committed to 5 1/2 weeks of Fat Loss Tips which you will see below.

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Fat Loss Tip #40: We are designed to spend about 33% of our lives asleep

Fat Loss Tip #39: Are Your Daily Needs Being Met to Optimize Health & Vitality?

Fat Loss Tip #38: Healing, health, vitality and fat loss involves a simple equation of ENERGY INTAKE vs. ENERGY OUTPUT

Fat Loss Tip #37: Eat Out Less and Prepare To Eat In More Often!

Fat Loss Tip #36- Myth That Needs To Be Addressed “You Can Eat Anything In Moderation”

Fat Loss Tip #35- Engage in Daily Meditation

Last Minute Gift Deals & Fat Loss Tip #34- Don’t Be A Creature Of Habit

What Do You Really Want? Fat Loss Tip #33

Christmas Gift Idea- Me? Fat Loss Tip #32- Keep a 21 Day Mindset

Fat Loss Tip #31- Bring The Energy!

Fat Loss Tip # 30- Don’t Try To It Alone!

Fat Loss Tip #29- Get Your Gut Checked! (Tell Your Doctor You Want These Tests)

Fat Loss Tip #28-Be Grateful!

Fat Loss Tip #27-  Schedule A Fitness Event

Fat Loss Tip #26- Never Go Hungry and Never Get Full!

Fat Loss Tip #25- Treat Yourself With A Reward Each Week (Not Food)!

Fat Loss Tip #24- Think Outside The Box (See How Mike Got To 6% Body Fat)

Fat Loss Tip #23- Test Your Stress & Sex Hormones (No More Guessing)

Fat Loss Tip #22- Accumulate At Least 30 Minutes of Daily Movement

Fat Loss Tip #21- The Need For Routine

Fat Loss Tip #17- Cook High Quality Food As Little As Possible

Fat Loss Tip #16- Eliminate Dairy For 7 Days

Fat Loss Tip #15- Eat REAL Food To Get Lean

Fat Loss Tip # 14- Avoid High Glycemic Carbohydrates For 5 Days

Fat Loss Tip #13- Workout Soon After Waking

Fat Loss Tip #12- If You Deviate, Get Back On The Horse ASAP!

Fat Loss Tip #11- Shock Your Body!

Fat Loss Tip #10- Start Strong… Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Fat Loss Tip #9- Bring Your Own Food

Fat Loss Tip #7- How’s Your BM’s?

Fat Loss Tips 5&6- Can You Drink Alcohol and Lose Fat?

Fat Loss Tip #4- Aerobic Cardio Training Isn’t Effective For Fat Loss!

Fat Loss Tip #3- Growth, Reform and Change

Fat Loss Tip #2: Reduce Carbohydrates

Holiday Fat Loss Tip #1- Eat To Lose!

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