Christina Says Everyone Should Do The 10 Day Detox!

The detox has been quite an experience for me. I managed to lose 4lbs in the 10 days – which was good and has boosted my confidence in losing the last bit to get to my goal. The first couple of days were actually fine and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. I was eating regularly and drinking loads. Days 5 -7 were odd and a bit ‘boring’ in the food area. But it didn’t feel like a long time. As I added things back in to my diet I have realized I can’t eat a lot of things – bread being a huge thing which I seem to get a swelling in the mouth and is causes coughing. My first day off the detox I had my a de-caf coffee. I had terrible stomach ache and cramping. It took about 6 hours to clear and was not comfortable. I avoid coffee and haven’t had a repeat of that situation. I have started introducing some meats – I find I have a slight irritation to chicken – but pork, beef and fish seem to be okay. I haven’t put milk, butter or cheese back in my diet – but have started eating eggs and am pleased that I’m not allergic to them. As for the 10 day detox – I think it’s a wonderful thing and that everyone should do it. It is not easy, but I have learned a lot about myself and my relationship with food.I definitely felt very healthy. Thank you so much – definitely been very helpful and now I feel I can achieve my goals.
Christina L.

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