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(BELMONT, CA December 19, 2011) – Holidays are in full swing, and so are the parties and get-togethers. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, food – and lots of it – is a big part of the festivities. And so is a hectic schedule that does not leave enough time for physical fitness.

“We all love the holiday season, but, health-wise, it can be a real pitfall,” says Brien Shamp, a personal trainer at Brien Shamp’s Boot Camps, Personal Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching in Belmont, CA. “We consume far too much caloric and fattening food and don’t burn it off afterwards. No wonder many of us carry the extra weight into the New Year and, if we are not careful, into following years as well.”

If you are one of those people who just can’t find the time – or motivation – to work out during the holidays, try to find other ways to sneak in some physical activity into your day, Shamp suggests.

“Ask yourself how you can include at least some exercise in your schedule, even if it is not your usual fitness routine,” he says. “While regular and continuous physical activity is the most beneficial for health and weight control, a little bit of movement is still better than none at all.”

So what can you do to stay on track for the rest of the holiday season? “Get creative, think out of the box, and get into the festive spirit,” Shamp says. “The more enjoyable your mini-workout is, the more benefit you’ll get from it.”

For example:

Rock around the Christmas tree (or Hanukkah bush): Okay, so it doesn’t have to involve the tree, but dancing while you do your household chores is certainly better than not moving at all. “You’ll be in motion, get your heart rate up, and work muscles throughout your body,” Shamp notes. “So put ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ on your iPod and start moving and shaking!”

Deck the halls: Whether you spruce up your house with the boughs of holly, tinsel, or garlands, reaching up high to hang the decorations is a great stretching exercise, which will elongate several muscle groups, relieve tightness, improve circulation, and increase joint flexibility.

Over the river and through the woods: If you don’t feel like doing your usual workout, consider a brisk walk instead. It will energize you, lower you risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, and keep your weight in check at the same time.

“There are many chances to stay fit even during this busy time,” Shamp points out. “It’s just a matter of seizing every opportunity that presents itself – even if it doesn’t fit into the category of conventional exercise.”
About Brien Shamp’s Boot Camps, Personal Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching:
Launched by fitness expert Brien Shamp in 1996, Brien Shamp’s Boot Camps, Personal Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching is a co-ed personal training fitness program which specializes in the areas of weight loss, nutrition & lifestyle coaching and boot camps. Program details and client testimonials are available at www.BrienShamp.com. Shamp, a certified fitness expert with 21 years experience in the fitness industry, can be reached at [email protected] or 650-654-4604.

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About Brien Shamp, Fitness Expert:
Shamp is a certified fitness expert (Bachelors Degree in Biomechanics from UC Davis, Extensive Graduate Studies in Exercise Physiology, Reiki Practitoner (Level 2), CHEK Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach (Level 2), Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor, Medical Massage Therpaist, Personal Trainer (ACSM), Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), USA Weightlifting Coach and Acu-Yoga) with 21 years of experience in the fitness industry. Shamp can be reached at [email protected] or 650-654-4604 and is available for media interviews on topics related to health, wellness and fitness.