Decrease Body Fat, Optimize Efficiency and Energy, Improve Mood and Sleep in October!

Happy Saturday, October 15th!

Last month, I gave you the 7 Fundamental Structures for Success to focus on for October. How are you doing now that we are half way into the month? If you missed the structures here they are again: 7 Structures. I guarantee with these 7 basic structures you will decrease body fat, optimize efficiency and energy, improve your mood and sleep better. You should also see a better recovery with exercise and a reduction in inflammation. Did I mention they are FREE? What do you have to lose besides body fat 🙂

The NEW South City Boot Camp is up & running. Classes are MWF classes @ 6 am.

In celebration my new South City Boot Camp you can get in on the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program (not the 21 day detox) at any of my 4 Boot Camp locations for only $97. For more go: Grand Opening Promotion  *Please tell a friend or co-worker

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Have a great weekend!