Do you have high cholesterol? Are you taking a statin? June used to be just like you (Read her success story)

shamp_2014_fitness_shots_004-3019795287-OYou gotta read June’s story below. She is a warrior and an inspiration.

June is 77 and you will find her most mornings at 6 am at the Belmont Boot Camp.

June hasn’t always been so “healthy” whatever that really means these days. In the past she had an angioplasty and a triple bypass. June used to be on a cocktail of meds, but is currently on none.

I am not recommending you go off of your medications by any means.  I am not a physician. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician about your needs.

This is a great story that I wanted June to share because of June’s amazing journey.


My name is June. I have a personal story to tell. And, the reason I want to present my story is because Brien’s Boot Camp is playing a significant role in the outcome of my story. Thank you Brien.

This spring, I will celebrate 8 years without any Medications.

In 1996 I experienced discomfort in my chest. An angiogram followed by an angioplasty resulted in a regimen of Cholesterol lowering medications known as Statins. According to my doctors, the results of these treatments were fantastic. They called me the “poster girl” for the most ideal Cholesterol numbers.

What didn’t change in my life was the stresses related to my job and my family.  So, within about five years, in spite of spectacular Cholesterol numbers, I experienced chest discomfort again. This time, I was treated with a Triple Bypass surgery and more medications were added to the Cholesterol management “cocktail”.

Again, my doctors were thrilled with the results. My HDL (the Good Cholesterol) went even higher and my LDL (the BAD Cholesterol) went even lower. Now, my numbers were not just fantastic, they were super fantastic, according to my doctors. However, I began to have weak and painful muscles. I was always cold and tired.  I felt I was functioning in a “brain fog”.  As I turned to my doctors for help and understanding, the explanation was quite simple. “You’re getting older”.

I began to do my own research and found that my complaints were well known side effects of the Statins.  I found a wealth of books and articles covering the Cholesterol issues through topics like anatomy, physiology, the history of Statins, politics, money and more. As my symptoms worsened and my knowledge of Cholesterol improved, I came to the conclusion that I must wean myself from all my medications.

I began to learn stress management and natural ways to reduce my unhealthy inflammation. But most importantly,  I made exercise and clean nutritional eating my primary “medicine”. I now know that the Liver and it’s Cholesterol production is my “friend” not my enemy so why should I attack my liver with toxic drugs.

As a non-compliant patient the doctors are not pleased with me. However, I am more than pleased that I no longer have muscle weakness and pain. I no longer suffer from always feeling cold and tired.

I do, however, still find myself functioning in a bit of a “brain fog”. The studies do show that the “brain fog” side effect of Statins can be permanent.

Needless to say, it is no longer my goal to get “ideal” Cholesterol numbers on blood tests.

Although, my name is June, my birthday is in March. This year I will be celebrating my 77th birthday along with my 8 years without medications. And, most importantly, I will be celebrating a healthy functional body.

Every time I have the opportunity to run and play and roll on the floor with my grandchildren, I feel blessed. I will never again take for granted the need to care for my body in a holistic way. And, I now appreciate how my health challenges provided me with this wonderful opportunity to learn about healthy living and happiness. Which brings me back to Brien’s Boot Camp. I do believe that if I had continued to attack my liver in order to get rid of Cholesterol, I probably would not be able to participate in Brien Shamp’s fabulous 6:00 am Boot Camp. Four days a week, I start my day with a large group of beautiful, upbeat people who share their energy of physical fitness, humor, laughter, and warm caring.  It is a fabulous and nurturing way to start the day. And, it all starts with the amazing environment created by Brien.

Thank you Brien.


Thank you for sharing June. For those of you out there that have been intimated to do the boot camp program think of June at 6 am when you’re sleeping in 🙂 You can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Take action today and make yourself a priority!

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