Don't Go On A Diet Again! Change Your Eating Behaviors with Clinical Hypnosis

Why not have your New Year’s Resolution be to NEVER go on a diet again? You can, because when you learn to control your eating behaviors with clinical hypnosis, you are free from weight challenges!

Gwenn Henkel, Certified Medical & Master Hypnotherapist, is hosting a 4-week program to teach you tools to decrease stress to help keep cortisol levels down so that the body can release weight, and also tools to help you know what true body hunger is, to know when the body is full, and portion control. You will also work on releasing food addictions.

There will be a guest speaker at one session, Brien Shamp, world champion personal trainer and nutritionist, to talk about how some of the foods you may think are healthy for you, are causing you to gain weight instead of lose it. You will receive 2 CD’s for continuing help while changing your behaviors. Each session will be 2 hours long.

If you are interested in taking the class, please email Gwenn to request a weight history questionnaire. She will select 8 people who she feels will be a good match for the class. Those not chosen will be held for future weight control classes.

Fee: $350.00 (A savings of $1,090.00)
Payment: Check or cash only.

Dates and time: 6-8 PM Monday Mar. 1st, Mar. 8th, Mar.15th, Mar. 22nd

Location: Entrancing Life Hypnotherapy
961 Laurel Street Ste 206
San Carlos, CA 94070

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.EntrancingLife.com