European Governments Warn of Dangers of Cell Phones and Wi-Fi

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I am sure all of you have heard that there could possibly be some danger of cell phones, microwaves and electromagnetic radiation. San Carlos and many other neighborhoods will soon have free wireless for all and we should be a little concerned given we have no idea the implications this may have. We are all part of a huge experiment right now and we are the subjects. If you or anyone you know has an unexplained pain, symptoms, diseases, etc. and your doctor doesn’t know the cause, maybe it is the electromagnetic frequencies in our environment influencing the symptoms. I have decreased migraine headaches, sleep issues, insomnia and more by reducing electromagnetic frequencies for my clients. Two of my clients suffering from migraines were sleeping with their phones under their pillows. They no longer have migraines. I warn you not to sleep with your phone under your pillow  or even hold it in your pocket. We won’t get into wearing a blue tooth ear device all day. Take a look at the article below and ask yourself is it worth the pain.


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